Can you get the Masamune in FF7?

Can you get the Masamune in FF7?

Final Fantasy VII Masamune Blade is a special item obtained from the Gold Saucer at the Speed Square. It does nothing at all.

How does Cloud get the Buster Sword?

In the Final Fantasy 7 universe, he receives the weapon from Zack Fair, who urges Cloud to take it and become his “living legacy.” Zack used the blade pretty frequently, often swinging it to hit with the blunt edge whereas Cloud uses the sharp side. However, even Zack wasn’t the first owner of the Buster Sword.

How did Cloud get the fusion sword?

The Fusion Sword is one of Cloud’s unlockable weapons, and is based on the weapon from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It is a random reward for redeeming a Treasure token, and is purchased from the Shop for 7,200 Gil.

Is Sephiroth’s sword a Nodachi?

The Final Fantasy VII Masamune is a Japanese Odachi/Nodachi used by the character, Sephiroth, said to be the only one able to effectively use it. But with Geisha’s Blade version of the Masamune, even you can wield it!

Is Sephiroth’s sword a katana?

The Masamune (正宗, Masamune?) is Sephiroth’s weapon in his various appearances in the Final Fantasy series. It is his version of the Masamune, a katana that has recurred since the original Final Fantasy.

Did Zack gives Cloud Buster Sword?

In his dying breath, Zack gives the Buster Sword to Cloud, telling him to be his living legacy. As Cloud stumbles off towards Midgar, Zack is pulled into the sky by Angeal, and wonders if he has become a hero.

Is Zack alive in FF7 remake?

The ending of FF7 Remake Intermission DLC shows Zack alive and well, attempting to see Aerith at the church in Sector 5. A possible reason why Zack was brought back is that Cloud may encounter an unfortunate end midway through the games.

Why does Sephiroth have such a long sword?

It’s most likely a reference to the monohoshizao, an unreasonably long katana (90cm, most katana are 70cm) wielded by Sasaki Kojirō. But then they turned it up to 11 and made it even longer, because Sephiroth’s is more like 170cm. he’s the legendary Sephiroth so they gave him an impossibly long sword for him to wield.

Has the Honjo Masamune been found?

One of these was the fabled Honjo Masamune. The Tokugawa family, deciding to set a good example by abiding by the American decree, relinquished their famous sword to the U.S. military. It has never been seen since.