Why was the Renault Koleos discontinued?

Why was the Renault Koleos discontinued?

In a statement, the firm said: ‘Renault UK has decided to remove the Koleos SUV from its UK model line-up. This decision is due to commercial reasons that align with Renault UK’s policy of offering the most suitable vehicles in the UK market for our customers. ‘Koleos remains on sale in all other existing markets.

Is the Renault Koleos being discontinued?

Motor.es reports the Koleos will end production in 2023. The longer, three-row Kadjar variant will reportedly replace it; the new two-row Kadjar is set to be unveiled in 2022 and will use the redesigned Nissan Qashqai’s latest CMF-C architecture.

Is the Renault Koleos bigger than the Kadjar?

See, the Kadjar is a big small SUV… or a small medium SUV… and it slots into Renault’s line-up between the very small Captur, and the larger Koleos….Renault Kadjar.

Safety rating
Fuel Efficiency 6.3L/100km
Seating 5 seats

What is the difference between Kadjar and Koleos?

The Koleos fights in a higher class, and places a greater emphasis on cabin space, comfort and classier furnishings. So, while the Kadjar has adequate room all-round, the Koleos takes most of its measurements up a few notches.

How many Renault Koleos are there in Australia?

1937 Koleos SUVs
Koleos Sales Data In 2021, Renault sold just 1937 Koleos SUVs in Australia, accounting for around 1.3 per cent of the mainstream mid-sized SUV segment.

What does Koleos mean?

Koleos. The exact meaning behind the name of Renault’s mid-size SUV is still a little unclear. The word reportedly means ‘sheath’ in Greek and ‘testicle’ in Latin.

Which is bigger Kadjar vs Captur?

The Kadjar sits midway up Renault’s size pyramid: it’s bigger than the Captur and smaller than the Koleos.

Is Renault Koleos luxury?

Charismatic with a sense of detail and personality, enhanced by it’s sleek appearance and athletic curves. The chrome inserts that start at the headlights, right down to the robust look of its 18-inch Argonaut alloy wheels, the Koleos is ready to elevate your luxury.

How much is Renault Koleos in South Africa?

Price List – RENAULT KOLEOS Series

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