Why was Lea Michele not in The Quarterback episode?

Why was Lea Michele not in The Quarterback episode?

But according to Rivera, this went down because the writers wanted to acknowledge her very real behind-the-scenes friendship with Monteith — with whom she shared a brother/sister dynamic — and because Michele “wasn’t in any place to take the lead in that episode.”

What does Naya Rivera say about Lea Michele in her book?

Rivera addressed the reported tension between them in her 2016 memoir, “Sorry Not Sorry,” writing: “I don’t hate Lea, and I never have. (But) I think (she) didn’t like sharing the spotlight. She had a hard time separating work from our outside friendship, whereas it was a lot easier for me …

Why was Rachel Berry not in The Quarterback episode?

The dramatic tension came with wondering where Lea Michele (Rachel) and Dianna Agron (Quinn) were. Gossip before the show had it that Agron was not invited to participate in the tribute episode because of her unpopularity. Michele couldn’t hold back tears as she sang Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love.

Does Santana get the part in Funny Girl?

(Opening Night) When Rachel ends up stuck in Los Angeles after her disastrous audition for a TV pilot, Santana jumps in and takes over as Fanny for Funny Girl.

Why is Naya Rivera not in the last episode of Glee?

My sources say, as TMZ reported, that Naya WAS fired from the show in the aftermath. She was not planning to return to Glee for season 6, but it would have been nice to send off Santana with a heartfelt goodbye at the end of the season. She was an integral part of the show. I’ll miss her.

Is Glee Santana’s breakdown scripted?

Naya Rivera’s breakdown was scripted, but she broke down earlier than when she was supposed to. The episode was in honor of Corey Monteith (Finn) who died on July 13, 2013 of a drug overdose. Tragically seven years to the day of his death Naya Rivera’s (Santana) body was found after being missing for five days.

Who is Naya Rivera best friend?

Heather Morris
Just one month after actor Naya Rivera’s tragic drowning death, her friend and former “Glee” co-star, Heather Morris, got emotional as she recalled their friendship and roles on the show.

What did Kate Hudson think of Lea Michele?

Midway through her six-episode arc as a dance teacher to Michele’s character on the Fox hit, Hudson, 33, has found her costar “a total diva,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “Kate says Lea is a nightmare. Once, during a technical delay, Lea snapped her fingers and said, ‘Let’s go. I have plans!’

Was Santana breakdown in The Quarterback scripted?

Is Santana Rachels understudy?

She calls her short and awful, which makes Rachel slap her. She tells her she thinks Santana should move out, but is interrupted by Rupert calling Santana, telling her she got the role of Rachel’s understudy. continue to have fun and play music with them being at odds with one another.