Why was Bluestone 42 cancelled?

Why was Bluestone 42 cancelled?

In July 2015, writers Richard Hurst and James Cary confirmed the show would not return for a fourth series, citing BBC Three’s impending move to online and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan as contributing towards the show having run its course.

Where is Bluestone 42 filmed?

South Africa
Bluestone 42 was filmed entirely on location in South Africa. The 8×30 minute series is produced by BBC In-house Comedy Productions. The Producer is Michelle Farr (Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps, Whites) and the Executive Producer is Stephen McCrum (Mrs Brown’s Boys).

Who wrote Bluestone 42?

Richard Hurst
Bluestone 42 was penned by Richard Hurst and James Cary, who co-wrote hit sitcom Miranda, and stars Green Wing actor Oliver Chris and Hustle actress Kelly Adams.

Why did Mills leave Bluestone?

You won a lot of fans as Corporal ‘Millsy’ Mills in the first series of controversial comedy Bluestone 42. Why did you decide not to do series two? I felt very fortunate to be part of Bluestone 42 but it’s filmed in South Africa and would have meant months away filming. I wanted to pursue other opportunities.

Is Bluestone 42 realistic?

So even though it’s a comedy, I found this show true to life – and I did two tours in Afghanistan, in a unit just like this one. I was a number two, in charge of making sure the commander had all the equipment he needed, just like the character Towerblock.

Where can I watch Bluestone 42 in the UK?

Bluestone 42: On BBC iPlayer now.

What is the first rule of Bluestone 42?

What’s the First Rule? If you want good food, don’t join the army.

What does we dont talk about Fight Club mean?

“Do not talk about fight club” means do not discuss it with people who aren’t part of fight club.

Why do you not talk about Fight Club?

The first and second rules of fight club are their for the same reason that the narrator is never allowed to talk to Marla about Tyler.. If people talked about fight club then the narrators false double life would break down and be exposed to him. Everything would fall apart.

What’s the third rule of Fight Club?

Third rule of Fight Club: if someone yells “stop!”, goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over.