Why is Kendrapara famous?

Why is Kendrapara famous?

The Chitara Kanika wildlife sanctuary in Kendrapara is world famous for natural crocodile breeding. Here you’ll see a variety of animals like boars, deers, monkeys, king cobras, etc. Kudanagari, Badakotha, Dharma Port and Aui Kothi are other tourist destinations in Kendrapara.

How many villages are in Kendrapara?

Police Station-wise List

Sl No Police Station Total Villages
1 Aali 132
2 Derabish 94
3 Jamboo Marine 21
4 Kendrapara 1

How many Panchayat are there in Mahakalapada?

16 Gram panchayats
This constituency includes Mahakalapada block and 16 Gram panchayats (Silipur, Dasipur, Dumuka, Marshaghai, Garajanga, Talasanga, Parakula, Akhuadakhin, Raghabapur, Antei, Batira, Beruhan, Manikunda, Angulai, Kuhudi and Mangarajpur) of Marsaghai block.

Which river is in Kendrapara?

The river Chitroptala (a branch of the Mahanadi) flows through Kendrapara district. Other rivers in Kendrapara include the Luna, the Karandia, the Gobari, the Brahamani, the Birupa, the Kani, the Hansua, the Baitarani, the Kharasrota, and the Paika.

Why is jagatsinghpur famous?

Jagatsinghpur, the smallest district of Odisha in size, is known for its rich cultural heritage and contribution to socio-economic development… At end of the Village Mahilo in a tipical rural atmosphere, the famous temple complex of Lord Raghunath Jew and…

Which is the poorest district in Odisha?

Kalahandi Balangir Koraput Region is a region in Odisha, India.

Who is the MLA of Kendrapara?

Kendrapara (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Party BJD
MLA Sasibhusan Behera
Const. No. 97
Reserved for Scheduled Castes

Who is the MP of Kendrapara?

Kendrapara (Lok Sabha constituency)

Lok Sabha Constituency
Incumbent Anubhav Mohanty
Parliamentary Party Biju Janata Dal
Elected Year 2019

How many GP are there in Balasore district?

37 314
Village & Panchayats

Block name Nos of Panchayats Nos of Villages
Balasore 37 314
Basta 31 339
Bhograi 50 339
Baliapal 28 231

How many villages are in Kujang block?

List of all villages and towns in Kujang Block of Jagatsinghapur district, Odisha. As per Census 2011, there are 0 towns and 116 villages within Kujang Block….List of Villages in Kujang Block.

# 15
Village Balarampur
Population 5,464
Literacy 89.78%
Sex Ratio 925

How many hills are in Kendrapara district?

41 Hill Stations Near Kendrapara.

How many rivers are in Kendrapara?

41 Rivers and Lakes Near Kendrapara.