Why does my TiVo guide says to be announced?

Why does my TiVo guide says to be announced?

The channel banner and the Live TV Guide display the message “To Be Announced” if the programming provider has not provided any information about a program to TiVo®. If you see this message on only a few channels, rest assured that the information will be added when it becomes available.

How do I force a TiVo to update guide data?

How to Force Tivo Programming Update

  1. Step 1: Enter the Messages & Settings Menu.
  2. Step 2: Enter the Settings menu.
  3. Step 3: Enter the Phone & Network menu.
  4. Step 4: Connect to the TiVo Updater Service.
  5. Step 5: Wait for the updater to run.

How do I fix my TiVo channel guide?

To change channel settings, go to Channel List screen. Devices on TiVo Experience 3 (software version: 20….Content.

TiVo Series Menu path from TiVo Central
TiVo Premiere Settings & Messages > Settings > Channels > Channel List
Series3 and earlier Messages & Settings > Settings > Channels > Channel List

Why is my TiVo not showing the guide?

Make sure you have a working internet connection. Program guide data is downloaded automatically. Check if your TiVo box is connected to your network. Follow the instructions in how to test the TiVo Service connection to check your connection.

How do I reboot my TiVo box?

How to reset TiVo Box

  1. Press Home on the TiVo Remote.
  2. Select Help & Settings.
  3. Select Clear or Reset TiVo box.
  4. Select Restart the TiVo Box.
  5. Follow instructions on screen.

What happened to Skyone?

It was announced on 27 July 2021 that Sky One would be retired and that a new channel, Sky Showcase would replace its EPG slot on Sky. Another channel, Sky Max would launch on the same day. Most of Sky’s original content and the drama output would move here, while the most of the comedy output would move to Sky Comedy.

Did TiVo go out of business?

was acquired by Rovi Corporation. The new entity became known as TiVo Corporation, which in turn, merged with Xperi in December 2019….TiVo Inc.

TiVo headquarters in San Jose, California
Formerly Teleworld inc. (1997-1999)
Defunct September 8, 2016 (19 years, 35 days)
Fate Acquired by Rovi Corporation
Successor TiVo Corporation

How do I get rid of announced on cable?

If it has been more than one hour and your guide still says “To Be Announced”, unplug your receiver and wait 15 seconds. Plug the power back in and wait 30 minutes before pressing Guide or Menu, so the information is downloaded correctly.

Where does TiVo get guide data?

Guide data is downloaded from the TiVo service by the TiVo device. Guide data also contains the channel number and call sign. In addition, it has program listings for each channel and descriptions of every show.

Does TiVo have a program guide?

Use the on-screen guide to find shows and set up recordings quickly—just press the GUIDE button on your TiVo remote. The guide displays up to two weeks of programming. This feature is available on: Any TiVo DVR using the new TiVo experience.