Why does Clark Kent wear glasses in Smallville?

Why does Clark Kent wear glasses in Smallville?

(Identity, Infamous, Turbulence) After an incident with Lois almost finding out he is the Blur, Clark decided throw her off the track by claiming he is near sighted. (Idol) In a vision of the future in the year 2013, on Clark’s desk there were glasses which he took off in order to save the bi-plane as Superman.

Can Clark run on water Smallville?

Clark can run across water, like Bart. (Toxic, Apocalypse and Masquerade) After fully mastering his powers, Clark can use them simultaneously, and at super speed. (Heat, Sneeze, Escape).

Why did it take Clark so long to fly in Smallville?

Most versions of Superman (and most other kryptonians in the series) were able to control their flying ability instantly. However, in Smallville, due to suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights), Clark was unable to use this ability consciously for a very long time.

How did Clark go blind in Smallville?

One blast hits Masterson’s hand and he drops his gun. Another blast hits the meteor rock and bounces back into Clark’s face, blinding him.

How powerful is Smallville Clark?

Clark now can easily lift billions of tons as seen when he pushed back Apokolips (a planet rivaling Saturn in size) into space very quickly. Also, he can break and destroy anything on Earth. When this ability first manifested he was able to put holes in walls and break small tables at age 3.

How old is Lana Lang in Smallville?

When “Smallville” premiered last fall on The WB Network, Kristin Kreuk (Lana) was 18, and Allison Mack (Chloe) 19, both very close to their characters’ ages.

Does Clark have super hearing in Smallville?

Clark uses his super hearing. In this ability, the user can hear extremely quiet sounds, and sounds made from a very far distance.

What color are Clark Kent’s eyes in Smallville?

Clark Kent’s blue eyes have been referenced in the comics more than once, but it’s not exactly a prerequisite for playing the character.

How does Clark Kent hide his identity?

It’s a question that’s been given many official and unofficial answers by fans and comic creators, but one that many have accepted as one of the great mysteries in comic book lore. As it turns out, however, slipping on a pair of glasses is only the first thing Clark does to protect his secret identity.