Why do snow plows have blue lights?

Why do snow plows have blue lights?

And snowplow operators preferred amber and bright blue warning lights. However, LEDs don’t heat up enough to keep snow and ice from forming on them. So, DOTs experimented with mounting these lights high off the back of trucks with airfoils as well as lower on the back of trucks to avoid snow accumulation.

What flashing lights do snow plows have?

It is important for snow-removal companies displaying amber flashing lights to turn them off when traveling on the roadway to help motorists distinguish between emergency vehicles and service vehicles.

Do you need a strobe light for plowing?

Strobe lights are another thing to have when it comes to proper light safety. It makes your plow truck more visible for pedestrians and drivers. An amber strobe light will let others see you, and know that you’re working. Many states require amber warning/emergency lights for utility vehicles.

What color is the light on a snow plow?

Because of their ability to reflect the most light back to drivers, amber bulbs and fixtures have been the standard for snow plow lighting throughout the years. Amber-colored lights are highly visible in cloudy conditions and minimize glare from snow, ice, sleet, and rain.

Do snow plows have flashing lights?

This is on purpose, giving snow plows a unique look that separates them from other road-work vehicles. However, the green flashing lights are not only intended to help reduce collisions. The lights also warn motorists to give snow plows sufficient space to do their job.

Are green strobe lights legal in Michigan?

A vehicle engaged in authorized highway repair or maintenance may be equipped with flashing, rotating, or oscillating amber or green lights.

What color strobes are legal in Michigan?

According to Michigan statute section 257.698, pilot vehicles must have one flashing or oscillating strobe light mounted on the top of their vehicle. This light must both be amber-colored and visible from at least 500 feet away.

Why do plows have green lights?

The upgrade to vehicles has been as easy as replacing the covers on the strobes already mounted on snow plows. Department of Transportation Officials said the switch to green and amber lights is expected to decrease the number of incidents between passenger vehicles and snow plows.

Can you have blue lights on your car in Michigan?

These police lights need to have 360 degrees of visibility and must be able to be seen from at least 500 feet away. Police vehicles may use red or blue strobe lights as part of their lighting system and can use these light colors for their signal devices.