Why did Willie Robertson cut his hair and beard?

Why did Willie Robertson cut his hair and beard?

Apparently, the reason wasn’t so clear-cut as it was a sudden whim after the stressors of the pandemic last summer. An ongoing health crisis can do that to a person. In his interview with Taste of Country, Willie Robertson said: It was probably the combination of COVID-19 and the quarantine and a really hot summer.

Did any of the Robertsons shave their beards?

The “Duck Dynasty” men are known for two things; duck calls and beards. However, over the Labor Day weekend, one of the Robertson brothers did the unthinkable and shaved off his beard and cut his hair.

Are the Duck Dynasty beards fake?

The Beards Are New According to several sources, the Robertson men never sported beards until they landed television jobs. Photos of the men prior to the premiere of Duck Dynasty show clean-shaven, wealthy businesspeople.

How long does it take to grow a Duck Dynasty beard?

He revealed that suffering is involved and that it took him just to months to grow out his beard. “You have to suffer from day seven to day fourteen, then it’s pure bliss,” he tells The Blaze. “[Then] you got great camp, great warmth, and nobody will try to mug you! “

Did Jase of Duck Dynasty cut his hair?

The Robertson men of Duck Dynasty are best known for their trademark beards, but one of the men wasn’t afraid to shave it off for a good cause. Not only did Jase Shave his beard, but he chopped his long locks. The result was a complete transformation that even his family couldn’t believe.

Why Willie’s Duck Diner closed?

The menu featured dishes named after various family members, such as Missy’s Duck Bites and Phil’s Swamp Catch. Unfortunately, Willie was unable to replicate the success he had shepherding Duck Commander into fame, and the eatery closed in early 2019.

Is Jase Robertson still clean shaven?

Jase said that if they could raise $100,000, he would shave his beard and cut his hair. While it seems they didn’t meet their goal — Korie Robertson posted on Instagram that they raised $35,000 — Jase still went through with it. Yesterday, the family documented the makeover and reveal on Facebook.