Why did Toni Braxton Sue Babyface?

Why did Toni Braxton Sue Babyface?

Babyface was a witness in Toni’s lawsuit against her record label after her bankruptcy. The lawyers were trying to make Toni seem like a reckless spender, but once Babyface confessed he wouldn’t have signed a deal like the one they trapped her with, Toni was awarded all of her coins. Toni had to abort her first child.

Who owns Toni Braxton’s music?

Ross M. Klein doubled the low offer Braxton made and now he now owns the rights and can profit from hits like How Many Ways and Always. Toni made a deal with the bankruptcy court to resolve her financial woes which included settling a whopping $150,000 debt last month.

Who was Toni Braxton’s first manager?

The singer said in the lawsuit that she hired Hankerson as her personal manager in late 1997 and a year later the singer negotiated a new five-album deal with Arista, receiving more than $20 million in advances on the records.

Did Toni Braxton lose all her money?

Six-time Grammy Award winner Toni Braxton found herself among the financially troubled in September of last year. Braxton filed for her second bankruptcy in 2010 with outstanding debts ranging somewhere from $10 to $50 million.

Did Toni Braxton write any of her songs?

Though the album was released in November 2002, the recording process for the album took a year, beginning sometime in 2001. Braxton worked with several writers and producers on the album, including her younger sister Tamar who penned six songs and contributed background vocals to all 12 songs.

Was Toni Braxton on the masked singer?

In what host Nick Cannon called “the biggest upset in ‘The Masked Singer’ history,” Pufferfish was eliminated from Group A at the end of Thursday night’s episode, revealing herself to be Grammy-winning superstar Toni Braxton.

Did Toni Braxton find jewelry?

Los Angeles, CA – Toni Braxton paid a visit to a L.A. courthouse Thursday (July 11) in hopes to retrieve her engagement ring from Birdman along with other stolen jewelry totaling $2.5 million. The R&B icon took the stand as a witness after LAPD detectives discovered her ring was indeed stolen, according to TMZ.

Did Toni Braxton win her lawsuit?

Toni Braxton has settled her multimillion-dollar lawsuit against her former personal manager, representatives of both parties said.

Why did Toni Braxton went broke?

In November 2012, Braxton spoke with 20/20 about her financial troubles. She revealed that she declared bankruptcy due to recording contract issues that amounted to her receiving less than $2,000 in royalties and, as a result, having to reimburse her record label for clothes, travel, studio time, and music video costs.