Why did Krystal leave Star Fox?

Why did Krystal leave Star Fox?

In the events following the Aparoid Invasion, Fox had a growing concern for Krystal’s safety and discharged her from the team. This caused Krystal to adopt a bitter temperament. Heartbroken, she left Fox’s side and was not heard from again until the Anglar Army invaded Lylat.

Who dies in Star Fox: Assault?

SharpClaw Bikers – All three were destroyed by Fox in a death race over the Spell Stone. King RedEye – After being knocked down by Fox, tried a final attack on him, but Fox jumped out of harm’s way and stabbed him in the head with Krystal’s staff.

Who pushed Krystal in Star Fox Adventures?

The crystal is an object that appeared in Star Fox Adventures, where the main character Krystal was trapped inside the whole game by Andross, who watch her every move and pushed her in.

Do Fox and Krystal end up together?

She sets up a welcome home celebration for Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy along with Katt, Amanda and Lucy and Krystal reconciles with Fox and the two began dating. They would eventually get married and then they had a son named Marcus McCloud.

Does Fox like Krystal?

Star Fox Command. Krystal had truly loved Fox and, though unspoken, he returned her love. But he also knew of the dangers of being a member of the Star Fox team and remembered what had happened to his father and how he felt after his death.

Why did Krystal join Wolf?

Upon learning that Krystal was no longer a member of Star Fox, the team bribed her into joining them. How they did is unknown. Perhaps Wolf thought that she would be a perfect asset to the team. On Krystal’s part, she knew she would eventually run into Fox again by being with Star Wolf.

How old is Krystal McCloud?

Gender Female
Age 19 (in Adventures), 20 (in Assault), 23 (in Command)
Height 5’7″ (Estimation by comparison)

Is Fox and Krystal canon?

Goodbye, Fox Non-Canon: This story occurs if ROB goes with Peppy to Titania. While Krystal never appeared in this storyline, she is mentioned quite often. When Peppy finds out that she had joined he wasn’t very surprised not having seen her.

Does Fox McCloud have a wife?

Fox McCloud is a fictional character and the chief protagonist of Nintendo’s Star Fox series. He is an anthropomorphic fox created and designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takaya Imamura….

Fox McCloud
Spouse Krystal
Children Marcus McCloud
Home Corneria

How tall is Krystal Fox?

Age 19 (in Adventures), 20 (in Assault), 23 (in Command)
Height 5’7″ (Estimation by comparison)
Homeworld Cerinia