Who won the OpTic major?

Who won the OpTic major?

Now OpTic Texas matches can get as high as over 100,000 live viewers in the Call of Duty League, with Major I in Arlington being an event to remember. Edwards started a new drum chant, and OpTic Texas slayed their own demons with a 5-2 win over Atlanta FaZe.

Is OpTic part of FaZe?

Los Angeles-based organisation FaZe Clan has announced a limited-edition collaboration with Texas-born OpTic Gaming.

Who won 2022 CDL?

The tournament was won by Toronto Ultra, with Seattle Surge coming in second. The 2022 Kickoff Classic saw less viewership compared to its previous seasons, peaking at just under 80,000 concurrent viewers, compared to a 107,000 peak viewership from 2021.

Who is on OpTic Gaming?

Top Players For OpTic Gaming

Player ID Player Name
1. Scump Seth Abner
2. C6 Ian Porter
3. FormaL Matthew Piper
4. Karma Damon Barlow

Are FaZe and OpTic rivals?

Now They’re Making Merch Together. FaZe Clan is teaming up with fellow esports organization OpTic Gaming on a limited edition merch collaboration, comprising jerseys, hoodies, T-shirts, shorts, and a lava lamp.

What is the best CDL team?

Despite mishaps and misfortunes across the board from the bottom teams, the Guerrillas may own the top two WORST roster decisions in CDL this season….Call of Duty League 2022.

Pos Team Points
1 OpTic Texas 145
2 Atlanta FaZe 130
3 London Royal Ravens 120
4 Boston Breach 80

Did OpTic buy envy?

Envy Valorant who made it to the Valorant Champions 2021 will kick off their Valorant Envy Valorant who made it to the Valorant Champions 2021 will kick off their Valorant Champions Tour 2022 campaign under OpTic Gaming as Pujan “FNS” Mehta and co have been acquired by OpTic Gaming who decided to venture into Valorant.