Who was the guy that hit Antonio Brown?

Who was the guy that hit Antonio Brown?

Vontaze Burfict’s Nasty Concussion Hit Changed Antonio Brown’s Life. Vontaze Burfict is the dirtiest player in NFL history, and it’s not even close. That the former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker was still playing in 2019 with the Oakland Raiders is a joke.

Who hit Antonio Brown illegally?

Vontaze Burfict
Pittsburgh radio host Dunlap: Vontaze Burfict hit changed Antonio Brown’s life.

How much did Vontaze Burfict get fined for hitting Antonio Brown?

– January 2016: Fined $50,000 for hitting a defenseless receiver on the chin. – January 2016: Suspended three games and forfeits $500,000 in salary for a headshot on defenseless wide receiver Antonio Brown.

When was the Burfict hit on Brown?

January 2016
“It started to be increasingly bizarre and odd, and you can draw a definitive timeline,” Dunlap said. “I’m a firm believer that the Burfict hit [in January 2016] changed this man’s life.

Who hit Ryan shazier injury?

Dec. 4, 2017. Shazier was injured during a Monday Night Football game against the Bengals in Week 13. On Cincinnati’s first possession of the game, Shazier went to the ground clutching his back after tackling Bengals wide receiver Josh Malone.

Is Antonio Brown still in the NFL?

Antonio Brown is officially a free agent again. Upon his release from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, the veteran wide receiver expectedly cleared waivers on Friday, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported via the NFL’s transaction wire.

Did Vontaze Burfict retire?

Vontaze had to sit out 8 games combined in 2016 and 2017. He was released from the Bengals in 2018 and signed by the Oakland Raiders in 2019, only to be cut by them after the season. Burfict remains a free agent and does not look like he will ever play in the NFL again.

Who hit Antonio Brown Bengals?

linebacker Vontaze Burfict
Former Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Antonio Brown had a lengthy media interview over Super Bowl week and briefly touched on the infamous hit he received by former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

What NFL player has the most fines?

Dion Jordan
Dion Jordan (@dionj95), defensive end for the Miami Dolphins, has made a name for himself in the league one way or another. Jordan is currently the highest-fined player in the NFL due to substance abuse.

Was Burfict kicked out of the NFL?

The NFL reinstated Vontaze Burfict last month after his 12-game suspension, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero. Burfict served the suspension following his helmet-to-helmet hit against Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle in Week 4 last season.