Who was the Bengals quarterback in 2001?

Who was the Bengals quarterback in 2001?

Jon Kitna

Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Jon Kitna 313 for 581, 3,216 yards, 12 td, 22 int, & 27 rushes for 73 yards and 1 td
RB Corey Dillon* 340 rushes for 1,315 yards, 10 td, & 34 catches for 228 yards and 3 td
FB Lorenzo Neal 5 rushes for 10 yards, 0 td, & 19 catches for 101 yards and 1 td

Who did the Bengals draft in 1999?

Akili Smith
1999 Cincinnati Bengals draft

Round Pick Player
1 3 Akili Smith
2 33 Charles Fisher
3 65 Cory Hall
4 98 Craig Yeast

Who did the Bengals draft in 2001?

Justin Smith
Drafted Players

Rnd Player From
1 Justin Smith 2001
2 Chad Johnson 2001
3 Sean Brewer 2002

Who is the Bengals number 1 running back?

Joe Mixon

No. 28 – Cincinnati Bengals
Position: Running back
Personal information
Born: July 24, 1996 Antioch, California
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)

Who was Bengals QB in 1991?

Boomer Esiason
On January 6, 1991, the Bengals defeated the Houston Oilers 41-14. With Boomer Esiason was their starting quarterback, Cincinnati scored the game’s first 34 points in the rout.

Who is number 98 on the Bengals?

D. J. Reader

No. 98 – Cincinnati Bengals
Weight: 347 lb (157 kg)
Career information
High school: Grimsley (NC)
College: Clemson

Why did the Bengals draft Akili Smith?

While he certainly put stellar numbers his senior year with the Ducks, it was the only year that he played football in college. Nevertheless, Smith’s natural athleticism and one year of extraordinary success at the quarterback position were enough to convince the Bengals organization to take a chance on him.

How many kickers have the Bengals drafted?

The Bengals are now the ones who are laughing. The logic of drafting any kicker is dicey, at best. In the five years since 2016 a total of 10 placekickers have been drafted, and only one is still on the team that selected him.

When was the Bengals kicker drafted?

This page is a list of the Cincinnati Bengals National Football League draft selections. The first draft the Bengals participated in was the 1968 NFL/AFL draft, in which they made Bob Johnson of Tennessee their first ever selection….1969 draft.

Pick # 5
Overall 369
Name Bill Shoemaker
Position Kicker
College Stanford

Who is the Bengals WR1?

Ja’Marr Chase

WR1 WR1 Ja’Marr Chase
WR2 WR2 Tee Higgins
WR3 WR3 Tyler Boyd
WR4 WR4 Auden Tate

Who is wide receiver 1 on the Bengals?

Offense Depth Chart

Position 1 2
Wide Receiver WR Ja’Marr Chase J. Chase T. Irwin
Tight End TE Hayden Hurst H. Hurst D. Sample
Slot Wide Receiver SWR Tyler Boyd T. Boyd S. Morgan
Wide Receiver WR Tee Higgins T. Higgins M. Thomas