Who was more in love Romeo or Juliet?

Who was more in love Romeo or Juliet?

Therefore, it can be concluded that it is Juliet who is more passionate and intense in love than Romeo.

What kind of person is Tybalt?

Tybalt was a hotheaded, loyal swordsman who thought he was protecting the Capulet name. In the end, Tybalt’s anger and quick temper resulted not only in his own death, but in the death of Mercutio, which all ultimately led to the suicide of Romeo and Juliet.

What is the difference between Romeo love for Juliet and Rosaline?

The big difference between Rosaline and Juliet is not the quality of Romeo’s love, but the quality of Juliet’s response. While Rosaline rejected Romeo, Juliet falls in love with him. The head-over-heels, all-or-nothing quality of Romeo’s love for Juliet is very similar to what he expressed for Rosaline.

What did Romeo said to Juliet?

Romeo says, ‘But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. ‘ When Romeo sees Juliet, he feels hope; it is as if the sun is rising.

How does Romeo feel about love?

Romeo goes on to describe love as a form of “mis-shapen chaos,” something which makes his life extremely difficult to bear because he is not able to feel the love reciprocated as he would really like. Love feels to him like “madness,” something which is “choking.” He does not enjoy being in love.

What is Family Honors love?

love of family/honor: respect, to uphold. family integrity and name. Forbidden Love: loving someone that is not allowed. Characters who exemplify love: Unrequited love: Paris.

What does Benvolio say about love?

The first type of love the audience is introduced to is the interchangeable love that Benvolio believes in. According to him, a man should love a woman for only the duration of their relationship. If their relationship should end, the man should feel no grief.

What is Benvolio’s advice to Romeo?

What is Benvolio’s advice to Romeo? Get over Rosaline, live his life, and just be with other girls, don’t fall hopelessly in love and let Rosaline go.

How is family Honour presented in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet are bound by duty to honor their respective families, but as their love for one another deepens and their families’ violence towards each other escalates, Shakespeare shows that parents owe their children the duties of respect, openness, and kindness—not exclusively, as the Capulets and Montagues …

Why is family honor important?

Honor simplifies life by allowing us to rest in the security of our relationships. Families filled with honor value one another. They place each other’s needs above their own. They remain committed to family and invested in providing the best for other family members.