Who was cast of SNL in 1997?

Who was cast of SNL in 1997?


  • Jim Breuer.
  • Will Ferrell.
  • Ana Gasteyer.
  • Darrell Hammond.
  • Chris Kattan.
  • Norm Macdonald.
  • Tim Meadows.
  • Tracy Morgan.

Who was on SNL in the 90s?


Performer Time on SNL No. of seasons
Jimmy Fallon 1998–2004 6
Siobhan Fallon 1991–1992 1
Chris Farley 1990–1995 5
Will Ferrell 1995–2002 7

Who was on the SNL cast 1996?

The 1995–96 season almost completely rebuilt the cast with new members Jim Breuer, Will Ferrell, Darrell Hammond, David Koechner, Cheri Oteri, Nancy Walls, Chris Kattan, Colin Quinn, and Fred Wolf.

Was Chris Farley supposed to break the table in SNL?

This practice started during the character’s first appearance on SNL, when, at writer Robert Smigel’s suggestion, Farley landed on a break-away table and demolished it in the process. David Spade and Christina Applegate, who were playing the teens supposedly in need of Foley’s help, had to cover their own laughter.

What was Chris Farley’s last SNL episode?

Farley also hosted SNL once, just two months before his death, on October 25, 1997. The episode was a disaster.

Who hosted SNL 1996?

This article is a stub. You can help the Saturday Night Live Wiki by expanding it. The 413th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Phil Hartman with musical guest Bush.

Who was the head writer of SNL in 95?

‘SNL’ Head Writer Anna Drezen Exits for Freeform Comedy – Variety.

Who was on SNL in 1985?

Season 11 of Saturday Night Live marked the return of original producer Lorne Michaels. The cast included Joan Cusack, Robert Downey, Jr., Nora Dunn, Anthony Michael Hall, Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller, Randy Quaid, Terry Sweeney, Danitra Vance, A. Whitney Brown, Al Franken, Don Novello, Dan Vitale, and Damon Wayans.

Was pat on SNL a man or woman?

Pat O’Neill Riley is an androgynous fictional character created and performed by Julia Sweeney for the American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) from 1990–1994. The character was later featured in the film It’s Pat.

Who is Heidi Hauser?

Heidi Hauser is a former stripper. Known to be the last person to have accompanied the SNL star, Chris Farley, Hauser’s name has been often taken with hate and questions. Though reports ruling that Chris Farley died due to drug overdose, Hauser has not been successful in clearing her name.