Who played Da Bears on SNL?

Who played Da Bears on SNL?

It first appeared on January 12, 1991, starring Joe Mantegna as Bill Swerski along with Chris Farley as Todd O’Connor, Mike Myers as Pat Arnold, and Robert Smigel as Carl Wollarski. Subsequent sketches starred George Wendt as Bob Swerski with occasional appearances by Beth Cahill as his daughter, Denise Swerski.

Who said Da Bears on SNL?

His name was Bob Odenkirk. “I happened to find him to be the funniest person in Chicago,” Smigel said. Odenkirk gave his friend a tip: emphasize the final two letters in the word bears. “The little hiss at the end,” Smigel said.

When was the Da Bears SNL?

“Da Bears” skit debuted on Saturday Night Live in January of 1991. Back at the beginning of 1991, Mike Tomczak was leading the 11-5 Bears into the playoffs, taking the place of the injured Jim Harbaugh. Joe Mantegna and the SNL cast saw the opportunity and brought Bill Swerski’s Superfans to life.

Who played the Bears Super Fans?

Following the Bears’ loss, the Superfans Bill Swerski, Bob Swerski, and Carl Wollarski returned in a TV commercial for Reebok, alongside Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri; this was the first time the Swerski brothers appeared together.

Where did the saying Da Bears come from?

Da Bears! It’s become such a common phrase that most Chicago Bears fans, NFL fans or non-fans alike all use the term as if it’s part of the 1920 Decatur Staleys charter.

Who were the actors in Da Bears?

Cast (6)

  • Kris Bryant. Self. Mike Ditka. Self.
  • Joe Maddon. Self. Peyton Manning. Self – Host.
  • Robert Smigel. Carl Wollarski. George Wendt. Bob Swerski.

Who wrote Da Bears sketch?

Ditka himself also embraced the characters. He remarkably participated in a 1993 “SNL” sketch from his home just four days after the Bears fired him, reading a letter that the Super Fans wrote to the Bears about their outrage.

Who started the saying Da Bears?

If you tell someone you’re from Chicago or you’re a Bears fan, it’s inevitable that you’ll hear DAAAAA BEARSSSSS in dat over-the-top Chicaaago aaaccent, Few people probably even know the origin of the phrase was the wildly popular Bill Swerski’s Superfans Saturday Night Live sketch.

Who started the phrase Da Bears?

Where did Da Bears saying come from?

Within seconds — and after O’Connor suffers his second heart attack of the episode — Jordan and the Super Fans join O’Connor, shimmying while repeatedly saying: “Da Bulls, Da Bulls, Da Bulls.” The inspiration did, in fact, come from the night of the Super Bowl, when Smigel was watching CNN at 4 a.m.