Who owns Yelir world?

Who owns Yelir world?

Who is Joshua Riley, the director of YELIR WORLD? Joshua is a 26-year-old businessman and director of YELIR WORLD; an online men’s luxury fashion brand. The brand was founded in 2017 and is described as “fitting seamlessly into every day”.

Where is Yelir from?

Description: YELIR WORLD LTD is a Private limited company (Ltd.) company based in UNIT 2A, MARSHFIELD BANK MIDDLEWICH ROAD, United Kingdom, which employs 4 people.

How old is Megan Mckenna?

29 years (September 26, 1992)Megan McKenna / Age

How much does Megan McKenna earn?

Megan Mckenna – at least £315,000.

Does Megan McKenna still have a restaurant?

MEGAN McKenna’s restaurant in Essex has officially closed its doors. Megan McKenna’s Essex restaurant McK Grill has officially shut down, with a new restaurant now open for business in its location. According to Companies House, McK Grill LTD – which opened in May 2017 – has officially gone into liquidation.

Is Megan McKenna celiac?

Megan McKenna, 24, is a reality star and country singer from Essex, UK. She was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. After receiving hateful comments online about her appearance while in the hospital, she hit back at body-shamers in an Instagram post.

Is Liam Gatsby rich?

According to The Sun in 2018, Gatsby is “reportedly worth millions.” They continue: “The reality star made his money as a real estate broker and he’s been a business partner for the London Dermatology Centre for the last six years.”

Where did Megan McKenna get her teeth done?

With her own ‘Mouthy’ range of lip glosses, Megan McKenna knows how important it is to have a stunning set of pearly whites to match that perfect pout. That’s why she comes to Dr Richards Dental Clinic.

Does Megan McKenna own McK Grill?

Despite stepping down as director of McK Grill back in December, Megan still lists herself as an owner of the eatery in her Instagram bio, while her father David was also reportedly removed from the company’s director position.

Who is Megan McKenna dad?

Dave McKennaMegan McKenna / Father

What disease did McKenna?

McKenna, an asthmatic since the age of 5, is a 16-year-old high school student who nearly died last year from influenza. McKenna and Paula always knew asthma would put McKenna at higher risk for complications from the flu, but she never became seriously ill. This all changed last year.