Who owns vihtavuori powder?

Who owns vihtavuori powder?

Nammo Group
Powder Company Vihtavuori powder, long known as the cleanest and most accurate smokeless propellant produced anywhere in the world, is now part of Nammo Group.

What is N140 powder used for?

The structure, grain geometry and graphite coating makes it work excellent in all reloading machines and dosing is super easy. The N140 powder burns at a medium speed on our scale of rifle powders, making it a versatile handloading powder for both small game hunting and sport shooting applications.

What is the cleanest pistol powder?

Vihtavuori powders have a reputation for being some of the cleanest burning powders available. Many competitive shooters use them for that reason, in addition to fulfilling their other needs. The other thing Vihtavuori powders are known for is their accuracy.

What are good pistol powders?

One of the best all-around pistol powders is Winchester 231 smokeless powder. This premium ball powder is easy to measure and is perfect for a wide range of light to medium bullets.

What is vihtavuori powder made of?

Vihtavuori is experienced, quality craftsmanship for the perfect ammo. We manufacture our propellants entirely in-house, and this ensures their high quality. All our reloading powders are made using nitro-cellulose produced at our own plant.

Does Hodgdon own vihtavuori?

About Hodgdon Powder Company The company distributes gunpowder under the Hodgdon®, IMR®, Winchester®, Goex® and VihtaVuori® brands.

What is VihtaVuori powder made of?

Does Hodgdon own VihtaVuori?

Which vihtavuori for 308 win?

Vihtavuori N550 – powerful loads for hunting 308 Win. calibers in the late 90’s. The N550 is an ideal fit for many of the 30 caliber magnums with lighter bullets, but also useful across a wide range of bore sizes in various shooting disciplines. It is an excellent powder for .

Is vihtavuori N140 temperature sensitive?

Vihtavuori N140 appeared to have excellent insensitivity to temperature-induced velocity changes over a wide temperature range….Increase in Velocity per Degree Increase in Temperature Between 1 and 25°C (34-77°F):

Celsius Fahrenheit
IMR 4166 1.54 1.12
IMR 4064 0.46 0.33
Viht N140 0.71 0.52