Who owns Mercedes-Benz of Boerne?

Who owns Mercedes-Benz of Boerne?

Group 1 Automotive
About Mercedes-Benz of Boerne Mercedes-Benz of Boerne is proud to be part of Group 1 Automotive, an international partnership of dealerships throughout the US, UK, and Brazil. All these dealerships, including our own, share a simple philosophy: serve the customer better.

Who owns Mercedes-Benz of Selma?

Manuel Kadre
Mercedes-Benz dealer principal Bill Berardino, left, and Manuel Kadre, Mercedes-Benz owner, unveil an illustration of their plans for a dealership in Selma.

Is a Mercedes Sprinter worth it?

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are definitely worth the price. The very popular Sprinter is loaded with safety features, has a reputation for reliability, and is manufactured by one of the most experienced and competent automotive companies on the planet.

How much is a Mercedes Sprinter worth?

2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Value – $27,521-$61,695 | Edmunds.

Why are Mercedes Sprinter vans so cheap?

According to The Wayward Home, part of the reason converting a Sprinter van costs so much is due to its base price. A base cargo Sprinter retails for $36,355 while opting for a high-roof version will increase that bottom line to around $51,000, and that’s before adding any customizations.

Why do people buy Sprinter vans?

Versatility. Versatility is the number one reason why Sprinter vans are so popular. Smaller than an RV, but with massive advantages over car camping or smaller vans, Sprinter campers are the perfect balance between luxury and convenience. Sprinters are easily maneuverable in city environments.

Is the Mercedes Sprinter a good campervan?

A workhorse, something practical, durable and reliable, but not something that you’d want to sleep in. However, it is these qualities that make the idea of a sprinter camper van so attractive. The Mercedes makes a practical camper van as it’s so easy to drive.

What kind of mileage does a Mercedes Sprinter van get?

After compiling real-life data, it was found that the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van gets approximately 14.5 mpg on average.