Who owns Henrietta Hudson?

Who owns Henrietta Hudson?

Lisa Cannistraci
Lisa Cannistraci, owner of New York City’s oldest lesbian bar, Henrietta Hudson, has no idea when the bar will reopen.

Does Henrietta Hudson card?

What forms of payment are accepted at Henrietta Hudson? Henrietta Hudson accepts credit cards.

Where are the lesbians in NYC?

Girls Just Want to Have Fun… With Other Girls: 5 Date Spots Perfect for Lesbians in NYC

  • Cubbyhole (281 West 12th Street) cubbyholebar Great shot ladies!
  • Henrietta Hudson (438 Hudson Street)
  • Bum-Bum Bar (6314 Roosevelt Avenue – Queens)
  • Ginger’s Bar (363 5th Avenue – Brooklyn)
  • Stonewall (53 Christopher Street)

When did the cubby hole in NYC open?

After opening DT’s Fat Cat here in 1987, bar owner Tanya Saunders renamed it Cubbyhole in 1994 and envisioned it as an inclusive “neighborhood fusion bar.” Cubbyhole, which still operates at this corner location in Greenwich Village, is one of only three remaining lesbian bars in New York City.

Why do they call it a Cubbyhole?

From the term for a pen for animals or chickens comes the transfered term for a basket. In castles, a hole was built into the family chamber wall, just large enough to hold a baby in its cubby (basket). Hence the term “cubbyhole.”

Who owns Cubbyhole NYC?

Lisa Menichino
In 1994 Saunders bought the name Cubbyhole from the owner of an already-closed lesbian bar, and the bar has operated under that name since. It is owned and operated by Lisa Menichino who had been a bar-tender under Saunders’ ownership.

Why is it called a cubby hole?

Is cubbyhole cash only?

This is NYC’s best-known lesbian bar. If you just came out, or you’re visiting NYC, someone will inevitably bring you to this small, cash-only, kinda-divey place in the West Village, where the ceiling is always completely covered in seasonally-appropriate decorations.

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