Who made GMetrix?

Who made GMetrix?

Spearheaded by Thor Christianson and Kevin Hart, GMetrix released its first practice test in 2008. Initially, GMetrix aimed to fulfill the need for high-quality practice tests to aid students and professionals studying for Microsoft Office certifications.

What is GMetrix?

What is Gmetrix? Gmetrix is a program that allows you to practice taking Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams. Using Gmetrix, and fulfilling the requirements regarding Gmetrix, is the greatest predictor of success on the actual exam.

Does GMetrix cost money?

The cost to attend GMetrix ranges from $40 to $200 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $100. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “This certification program was free for everyone”.

Is GMetrix a Certiport?

I have seen kids struggle…then, after a couple of GMetrix rounds…they get more confident…they by the REAL Certiport test time… those kids KNOW they can pass it.” “GMetrix is a wonderful asset to our certification program. Students in my classes take it as a pre-test.

What is GMetrix Smse?

GMetrix SMS Online Account – This is a web based interface for tracking test results and accessing additional training. Students login at www.gmetrix.net.

Does GMetrix have an app?

GMetrix offers a full live-in-the-app experience, so you will have the confidence to pass the actual MOS certification exams with flying colors!

Is GMetrix safe?

GMetrix uses industry standard SSL to ensure that student data is encrypted and transmitted securely from end to end. Teachers can monitor student accounts and student work. Students cannot privately communicate with other students outside their school.

Does GMetrix work on Macbook?

Unfortunately, the GMetrix SMS software is not compatible with Mac computers. Currently, Mac versions of Office do not match the Official Certification. Our practice tests are specifically designed for the Windows installations of Office 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Can teachers check your GMetrix?

The teachers using GMetrix will only be able to access or use GMetrix with an administrator login provided by their school or GMetrix. Students will only be able to create or access their teacher’s class with an Access Code provided by their teachers.

Is GMetrix web based?

GMetrix functionality is web-based, even for the LITA tests, so students must have an internet connection to be able to complete trainings and practice tests.

Why is GMetrix not working on Mac?

What is a passing score on GMetrix?

There are several preset tests available number of pre-set practice tests depending on application. The testing mode and training mode for a particular core is the same question pool. Recommend a passing score of 85% (850) or better in testing mode on all core practice tests before moving on to the Certification exam.