Who led the NFL in touchdowns in 1997?

Who led the NFL in touchdowns in 1997?

Brett Favre
1997 Leaders

1. Brett Favre • GNB 35
2. Jeff George • OAK 29
3. Drew Bledsoe • NWE 28
4. John Elway • DEN 27
5. Warren Moon • SEA 25

Who scored the most TDS in NFL history?

Jerry Rice
NFL History – Touchdown Leaders

Touchdown Leaders
1 Jerry Rice 208
2 Emmitt Smith 175
3 LaDainian Tomlinson 162

Who was the best QB in 1998?


Rk Player Rate
1 Brett Favre 87.8
2 Steve Young* 101.1
3 Peyton Manning 71.2
4 Jake Plummer 75.0

Who led the NFL in rushing in 1998?

Terrell Davis
Terrell Davis – Running Wild in ’98.

Who has the most yards in NFL history?

Emmitt Smith is the all-time rushing leader of the National Football League (NFL) with 18,355 career rushing yards.

Who led the NFL in receiving yards in 1999?

Jimmy Smith

Rk Player Yds
1 Jimmy Smith* 1636
2 Marvin Harrison*+ 1663
3 Muhsin Muhammad* 1253
4 Tim Brown* 1344

What quarterback has the most touchdowns in 2020?


Rk Player TD
1 Deshaun Watson* 33
2 Patrick Mahomes* 38
3 Tom Brady 40
4 Matt Ryan 26

Who has 98 rushing yards per game?

Terrell Davis – Running Wild in ’98.

Who has 3500 rushing yards?

Jalen White: America’s Leading Rusher Has 3,500 Yards and 2 FBS Offers | Fanbuzz.

What QB has the most rushing yards?

Michael Vick
Rushing yards

Rank Player Rushing yards
1 Michael Vick 6,109
2 Cam Newton 5,628
3 Randall Cunningham 4,928
4 Russell Wilson 4,689

Who has the most receiving yards in 2000?

Marvin Harrison

Rk Player Yds
1 Marvin Harrison* 1413
2 Muhsin Muhammad 1183
3 Ed McCaffrey 1317
4 Rod Smith* 1602

What quarterback threw the most touchdowns last year?


Year Player TD
2018 Patrick Mahomes (22) 50
2017 Russell Wilson (28) 34
2016 Aaron Rodgers (32) 40
2015 Tom Brady (38) 36

What QB has thrown the most touchdowns in a single game?

Jets QB Joe Namath again made the Baltimore Colts look foolish, this time on Sept. 24, 1972 when he threw for 496 yards and six touchdowns. Bills RB O.J. Simpson broke his own single-game rushing record when he put up 273 yards and two touchdowns against the Lions on Nov. 25, 1976.

Who has scored every point in NFL history?

Ernie Nevers scored every point in the Chicago Cardinals 40-6 romp over the cross-town Bears in 1929. Nevers scored six touchdowns and four extra points to set the longest standing record in NFL history.

What is the NFL record for most receiving yards in one game?

WR Flipper Anderson set the NFL record when he gained 336 receiving yards and scored a touchdown in the Los Angeles Rams’ overtime win over the Saints on Nov. 26, 1989. Months after winning the Super Bowl MVP award 49ers QB Joe Montana threw for 476 yards and six touchdowns to beat the Falcons on Oct. 14, 1990.

What are some of the best single-game performances in NFL history?

Most dominating single-game NFL performances Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points 50 years ago, easily one of the most-dominating performances in sports history. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the NFL’s best single-game performances.