Who is Wretch 32 Brother?

Who is Wretch 32 Brother?

Scott and his brother Stafford Scott are longstanding campaigners for justice against police brutality, especially in Tottenham, where there is a long history of tension between police and the black community. “The incident against my dad was horrific,” Wretch 32 said.

Is Tom Brittney African?

Tom Christopher Brittney (born 26 October 1990) is an English actor who is best known for playing the Reverend Will Davenport in Grantchester (2019–present).

How old is rastamouse?

De Souza, who left Trinidad in 1960 as a five-year-old to join his parents in the UK, created Rastamouse in 2003. His books were turned into a CBeebies show in 2011, with the main character voiced by the TV presenter Reggie Yates.

What nationality is Tom Brittney?

BritishTom Brittney / Nationality

Is Wretch 32 a Liverpool fan?

Although Wretch 32 is from Tottenham, he is an avid Arsenal fan.

Is Wretch 32 the best rapper?

With his methodical and insightful lyrics,Wretch 32 proves his pen is mightier than most . Manoeuvring over his diverse beat selection, he’s created what is, quite frankly, one of the best rap records this year.

Why is will on Grantchester celibate?

Why is Will Davenport celibate? Grantchester star Will Davenport has chosen a life of celibacy until marriage. He suffered a rough childhood which involved partying and sleeping with women. After which, Will decided to turn his life around and made a vow of celibacy.

What is James Norton doing now?

Now, the very talented actor is showing his softer side in new film, Nowhere Special. In this latest role, James plays a terminally ill single parent, choosing a family to adopt his young son. Understandably, James felt very emotional about the role, telling the BBC, “It made me cry when I read the script”.

What team does Kano support?

Liverpool F.C.
Kano is a supporter of Liverpool F.C.

Where is Stormzy originally from?

Croydon, United KingdomStormzy / Place of birth