Who is Warda Al Jazairia?

Who is Warda Al Jazairia?

Warda Al Jazairia, Algerian singer, was born in Puteaux (France) in 1940 to an Algerian father and a Lebanese mother. Warda Al Jazairia started singing in 1951 when she was only 11 years-old. Very quickly she imposed herself with very patriotic Algerian songs.

Why did Warda Al Jazairia leave France?

In 1958, due to her songs, Warda Al Jazairia left France and moved to Beyrouth (Lebanon) and then to Algeria after its independence . In 1962, Warda Al Jazairia got married and gave up her singing career at the request of her husband.

How old is Warda ftouki?

Warda Ftouki was born in Paris on July 22, 1939. Her father, Mohammed Ftouki, was an Algerian from Souk Ahras, and her mother was Lebanese. She was the youngest of five children. Warda began singing in the 1950s.

Is Warda a diva of Arab song?

She is considered a “diva” of Arab song, in the same way as Umm Kulthum, Sabah, and Fairuz. Her repertoire includes more than 300 songs. During her career, Warda has sold tens of millions of albums.