Who is the owner of Mountain of Fire?

Who is the owner of Mountain of Fire?

Dr Daniel Kolawole Olukoya is a Nigerian pastor. He is the founder and general overseer of Mountain of Fire Ministry….Dr Olukoya Profile.

Name Dr Olukoya
Occupation Pastor
Known for General Overseer Mountain of Fire Ministry
Spouse Shade Olukoya
Net Worth $50 million

How do I contact Dr Olukoya?

Feel free to give us a call: 0909 168 9539.

Which state is Dr Olukoya from?


Dr. Daniel Olukoya
Born: 15 July 1957 (age 64 years old)
Birth Place: Akure
State Of Origin: Ondo State
Nationality: Nigerian

Who is the wife of Dr DK Olukoya?

Folashade OlukoyaDaniel Olukoya / Wife (m. 1986)

Who is Dr Olukoya spiritual father?

Aderele Oluwafemi Edun
Aderele Oluwafemi Edun, popularly known as Denrele Edun, has confessed being gay, yet he has named Daniel Olukoya, general overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry (MFM), as his spiritual father.

How old is olukoya?

64 years (July 15, 1957)Daniel Olukoya / Age

When was Elijah Toluwani olukoya born?

Elijah Toluwani Olukoya was born in month 2004, at birth place, to Adesanya.

Who is olukoya spiritual father?

When did Dr DK Olukoya got married?

1986Daniel Olukoya / Marry date

When did Dr Olukoya got married?

1986 (Folashade Olukoya)Daniel Olukoya / Wedding date

How old is DK Olukoya?

Who is the founder of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry?

Daniel OlukoyaMountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries / Founder

How do I contact the Omega Fire Ministry in Nigeria?

– International/Africa – Nigeria: +2347061382277, +2348064646180. Email: [email protected] Omega Fire Ministries International is a ministry commissioned by God to wipe out tears, restore men back to their destinies…

Who is Omega Power Ministries?

OH LORD REMEMBER ME! Omega Power Ministries (OPM) has established itself as an outstanding ministry that started as a small church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and now has branches in more than 100 stations across the world. But that is not what makes OPM unique.

Where are the OPM branches outside Nigeria?

Many have wondered… OPM Branches Branches Outside Nigeria United Kingdom OPM London St. John’s Church on Lewisham Way, London SE13 and its close to Lewisham College. Buses 21,321, 136, 436 and trains to Lewisham Station and DLR to Lewisham Station.