Who is the master of snakes?

Who is the master of snakes?

Vava Suresh
He hosts a snake capturing programme called “Snake Master” on Kaumudy TV….

Vava Suresh
Born 1974 (age 48) Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Other names Vasur, Snake Master
Occupation Wildlife conservationist Social worker
Known for Snake capturing and wildlife conservation

How many king cobra did Vava Suresh?

Vava Suresh is a popular snake catcher from Kerala credited with catching more than 38,000 snakes and has received 3,000 odd bites. He is also called the ‘Snake man of Kerala’ by some people and is said to have rescued more than 190 king cobras.

Is Vava Suresh RSS?

Conversation. Kerala based snake catcher Vava Suresh,a RSS sympathizer enters into Guinness book by catching 50 King Cobras.

How is Vava Suresh health?

In a positive update, famous snake catcher Vava Suresh’s health is now getting better, as he is now without ventilator support and responding to treatment. However, doctors have recommended continuing his stay in ICU for 24-48 hrs. Suresh was bitten by a cobra in Kerala’s Kottayam district on Monday.

How did Vava Suresh lost his finger?

Over his journey as a snake catcher, Suresh has lost his index finger and movement in his right wrist due to snake bites.

What is Vava Suresh condition?

Vava Suresh had been admitted to Kottayam Medical College Hospital in a critical condition after being bitten by a snake on January 31. Kerala’s popular snake catcher Vava Suresh was discharged from the Medical College Hospital in Kottayam after undergoing treatment for a serious snakebite.

How is Vava Suresh’s condition now?

How is Vava Suresh health now?

How is Vava Suresh condition?

The medical board at the hospital discharged Suresh after he regained full health and recovered from a fever. The wound on his right leg from the snakebite is yet to completely heal, but Suresh can walk and eat without assistance and suffers only from minor aches now, officials told the media.

What happened to Vava Suresh?

What is the position of Vava Suresh?

Vava Suresh, the snake catcher from Kerala renowned for rescuing snakes from human habitats, was bitten by a cobra on Monday.