Who is the leader of the pandaren?

Who is the leader of the pandaren?

Racial capital Pandaria Stormwind City Orgrimmar
Racial leader(s) None (Pandaren Empire) Aysa Cloudsinger (Tushui) Ji Firepaw (Huojin)
Racial mount Dragon turtle Cloud serpent
Homeworld Azeroth

Can pandaren be shaman?

While Tushui and Huojin pandaren shaman from the Wandering Isle have joined forces respectively with the Alliance and the Horde, little is known about their kin’s affinity for the elements and spirits. Pandaren geomancers, however, are not unheard of.

What race are pandas?

Giant panda
Genus: Ailuropoda
Species: A. melanoleuca
Binomial name
Ailuropoda melanoleuca David, 1869

What classes can pandaren be?

The classes available to pandaren characters are Hunter, Monk, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman and Warrior.

How old are pandaren?

According to the books, a pandaren reaches adulthood at around 80 years of age, middle age at 175 years or so, old age at around 263, and venerable age at about 350 years. There is no maximum lifespan listed for the pandaren; however, they are not immortal.

Where are the Tushui pandaren?

Tushui Pandaren
Capital Wandering Isle
Base of operations Stormwind City
Theater of operations Eastern Kingdoms, Pandaria
Language(s) Mogu, Pandaren (in-game)

What is the pandaren racial?

Pandaren are the first “neutral” race in World of Warcraft. After completing a series of quests, you can decide whether to join the Horde or Alliance. Denizens of a wondrous and fertile land, the pandaren once labored under the oppressive thumb of a monstrous race of ancient warlords known as the mogu.