Who is the girl in the Shut Up and Fish video?

Who is the girl in the Shut Up and Fish video?

Maddie Marlow
The video opens with Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye already out on the dock when the city slicker mentioned in the song’s lyrics shows up, wearing boat shoes and all. While the girls are taking the sport of fishing seriously, the guy opts to take out a selfie stick and act goofy — but Marlow and Dye get their revenge!

What are Maddie and Tae real names?

Tae DyeVocals
Maddie MarlowVocals
Maddie & Tae/Members

Who is the guy in Maddie and Tae video die from a broken heart?

Later, witnessing a tense scene between Dye and male lead Ricardo Hoyos, Marlow can be seen in the BTS video, whispering, “This is so hard to watch.” “It just felt too real,” she says now. “It put me right back to when all that was going on.”

Who is in the music video die from a broken heart?

Tae and Ava Max are both 5’3″, while Maddie is just an inch shorter at 5’2″. The video was directed by Carlos Ruiz who’s done a lot of work with another popular country artist…

Who sings shut up fish?

Maddie & TaeShut Up and Fish / Artist

What is Maddie and TAES last name?

Maddie & Tae is a country music duo, consisting of vocalists Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye.

Who did Maddie Marlow married?

Jonah FontMaddie Marlow / Spouse (m. 2019)

How old are Maddie and Tae?

Maddie & Tae Ages: Madison Kay Marlow is 26 years old (born July 7, 1995). Taylor Elizabeth Dye is also 26 years old (born September 18, 1995). 3. While still in high school, the talented duo was first went by the name “Sweet Alaina.”

Who are Maddie and Tae married to?

Josh Kerr
Some happy news was shared with country fans over the weekend, as Maddie & Tae member Taylor Dye announced she was pregnant. Posting a series of heartwarming photos to social media Sunday (November 21), the 26-year-old hitmaker and her husband, Josh Kerr, will soon be parents … and they also revealed the baby’s gender.