Who is the father of Christina Milians baby?

Who is the father of Christina Milians baby?

Congratulations are in order for Christina Milian and her boyfriend Matt Pokora, who recently welcomed their second child together. The 39-year-old singer and actress took to Instagram on Saturday (April 24) to announce the birth of her newborn son, Kenna.

How many baby daddies does Christina Milian have?

Christina Milian is officially a mom of three! The singer has welcomed her second child with boyfriend Matt Pokora. Milian is also mom to 11-year-old daughter, Violet, whom she shares with ex-husband The-Dream.

Who is Violet Madison father?

The-DreamViolet Madison Nash / FatherTerius Youngdell Nash, better known by his stage name The-Dream, is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Wikipedia

Is Christina Milian Still with Matt Pokora?

Milian and Pokora have been together since August 2017.

Who is Nivea baby father?

Nivea married R&B singer and producer Terius “The-Dream” Nash in December 2004. Their daughter Navy Talia Nash was born on May 10, 2005, and their twin sons London Nash and Christian Nash in April 2006.

What ethnicity is Matt Pokora?

Matthieu Tota (French pronunciation: ​[matjø tɔta]; born 26 September 1985), artistically known as Matt Pokora, then M. Pokora (/pəˈkɔːrə/), is a French singer, songwriter, dancer and actor.

Did Christina have another baby?

Christina Anstead is already a seasoned mama — but that doesn’t mean that she’s finding the experience of parenting easy on her third time around! The Christina on the Coast star recently married Ant Anstead, and gave birth to their first child together: a son, Hudson.

Why did The-Dream divorce Christina?

Milian divorced “The Dream” in late 2010 after he was caught frolicking on the beach with his assistant — just months after she gave birth to their daughter Violet. Milian eventually received a $4M divorce settlement.

Who is Christina Milian daughter?

Violet Madison NashChristina Milian / Daughter

Is Christina Milia married?

M. Pokoram. 2020
The-Dreamm. 2009–2011
Christina Milian/Spouse

Was Christina Milian pregnant while filming?

Christina was secretly pregnant with Kenna while filming Resort to Love and says she didn’t tell anyone, but Matt spilled the beans. Christina is partnering with Nioxin, a treatment for thinning hair and scalp solutions, as she battles postpartum hair loss.

How many baby daddies does Nivea have?

Meet singer Nivea’s kids with Lil Wayne and The-Dream. The recording artist has three children – London, Navy, and Christian – with The-Dream. Nivea has a son named Neal with Lil Wayne.