Who is the better player James Harden or Stephen Curry?

Who is the better player James Harden or Stephen Curry?

Even then, true shooting percentages show that Curry is still the better shooter. The latter sports a 64.0 TS% for this season so far, while Harden shoots the ball on 63.7% TS despite having a significantly smaller usage rate at 27.6%.

Can James Harden pass Steph Curry?

Can Harden ever reach Steph Curry’s numbers? That’s a big no but still, James Harden can definitely finish his career just below Steph Curry as the greatest shooter in NBA history. He is only 39 away from Miller in the all-time list and 60 behind him in the regular season list.

Who is older Steph Curry or James Harden?

That’s more than 400 threes behind Curry, but (yes, but!), Harden is a coin-flip of a season younger than Curry. Meaning, he’s 32 and Curry is 33 years old – which doesn’t make him much younger, but it’s possible that he can play an additional season or two over Curry, right?

Who should I draft James Harden or Stephen Curry?

James Harden scored 16 points (5-15 FG, 1-5 3PT, 5-6 FT) to go along with 14 assists and eight rebounds in 38 minutes of action….Expert. Recommendation.

Stephen Curry G – GSW James Harden G – PHI
Three Points Made 5.0 3.0
Three Points Att 12.0 8.0
Three Points % .409 .361
Free Throws Made 5.2 6.4

Who is better Kyrie or James Harden?

And then there are on-court numbers, where Harden is a bit ahead of Irving. Harden averages 25 points a game, Irving 22.8. Also, Harden completes 5.6 rebounds on average, while Irving makes 3.8. Assists: Harden with 6.6, Irving with 5.7.

What is Steph Curry weakness?

Lack of sleep and rest Bruce Fraser, assistant coach for player development of the Warriors, revealed in an interview with NBC Sports’ Keith Burke that Steph’s weakness is lack of rest.

Is James Harden a good 3pt shooter?

James Harden is a darn good basketball player. He’s a basketball scholar, a passing wiz, and a crafty scorer who became so good at drawing fouls on his signature step back shot, it forced the NBA to change how fouls are called. Oh yeah, and Harden just so happens to be one of the best 3 point shooters in NBA history.

Is Harden a good fantasy player?

Despite the mid-season change of scenery to a Brooklyn team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving also on it, Harden finished the 2020-21 season as the third-best fantasy player on a per-game basis. There will still be fantasy managers willing to take him No.

Is Harden good for fantasy?

Fantasy Impact Harden has rebounded the ball remarkably well since joining the Sixers, averaging almost nine boards per game since the trade. That, and his elevated assist numbers help soften the blow of the reduced scoring, but his ceiling is still lower in Philly for fantasy purposes.

Does Stephen Curry have bad vision?

In an interview with GQ, Curry shared that he has poor vision but sees a particular color distinctly. “The reason I found out I couldn’t see very well is because our GM saw me squinting at the scoreboard and asked me, ‘Can you actually see? ‘

What are the Warriors weaknesses?

Weakness: Turnover Prone Speaking of possessions becoming more valuable, the Warriors tend to give up too many freebies. They average 14.7 turnovers per game. Ball protection is going to be crucial in this postseason play, so teams must adjust accordingly.