Who is principal secretary of MP?

Who is principal secretary of MP?


S.No. Name EPBX
22 Shri Sanjay Dubey Principal Secretary 2779
23 Shri Anupam Rajan Principal Secretary 2001
24 Shri Anirudh Mukharji Principal Secretary 2583
25 Shri Sanjay Kumar Shukla Principal Secretary 2107

Who is Deepali Rastogi?

Deepali Rastogi, a 1994-batch IAS officer presently serving as Commissioner of the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Welfare Department, expressed her views on ODF campaign in an article in an English daily earlier this month.

Who is chief secretary of Madhya Pradesh 2021?

Madhya Pradesh appoints Iqbal Singh Bains as new Chief Secretary.

How is professional tax deposited in MP?

Steps to Pay Commercial Tax in Madhya Pradesh

  1. Step 1: Visit the Website of MP Treasuries.
  2. Step 2: Click on Commercial Tax.
  3. Step 3: Fill information asked for.
  4. Step 4: Select Bank Name from the List.
  5. Step 5: Click on Submit.
  6. Step 6: follow instructions on the screen, fill information and Make payment of tax.

What is the meaning of principal secretary?

Principal secretary is a post and a rank in state governments of India. The position holder is generally an IAS officer and a government official of high seniority. Principal secretary ranked officers generally are the administrative heads of departments in a state government.

Who is DGP of Madhya Pradesh?

Sudhir Kumar Saxena
BHOPAL: Sudhir Kumar Saxena, a 1992-batch IPS officer, assumed office as director-general of police (DGP), at the Madhya Pradesh Police Headquarters in Bhopal on Friday.

What are commercial taxes?

Commercial Tax, currently referred to as Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, is a tax that is levied on locally manufactured and imported goods and services, and contributes to the GDP of the country.

How much is professional tax in MP?

Professional Tax Slab Rate in Madhya Pradesh:

Monthly Salary/Income Professional Tax Levied
Up to Rs.18,750 Nil
Rs.18,751 to Rs.25,000 Rs.125
Rs.25,001 to Rs.33,333 Rs.167
Rs.33,334 and above Rs.208 for 11 months and Rs.212 for the last month

Who is more powerful Cabinet Secretary or principal secretary?

The status of the principal secretary—akin to the additional principal secretary—was generally considered equivalent to the Cabinet Secretary, the Government of India’s topmost civil servant. However, since 2019, the officeholder has been the accorded the status of a cabinet minister.

What are the powers of principal secretary?

The Principal Secretary is the administrative head of the department. He advises the Minister on all matters of policy and administration within his department. On return of cases from the Minister he returns the files to the Department alongwith orders if necessary through the Commissioner and Secretary.

Is Chief Secretary and Cabinet Secretary same?

The Chief Secretary is the administrative head of the State Secretariat, while the Cabinet Secretary is not the administrative head of the Central Secretariat. The Chief Secretary is the ‘Residual Legatee’ at the State level, while the Cabinet Secretary is not the ‘Residual Legatee’ at the Central level.