Who is Greif flexible products?

Who is Greif flexible products?

The business is a joint venture between Greif, the global leader in industrial packaging and the Dabbagh Group. Greif Flexible Products & Services provides FIBCs, container liners, and other flexible packaging for chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and many other sectors.

How to contact Greif Greif alert line?

Greif Alert Line. To report concerns about possible ethics or compliance violations on a confidential and anonymous basis in North America, you may place a toll-free call to 877-781-9797. Outside North America, you may call the same toll-free number after first dialing the code for your country.

What is the paper and packaging services of Greif?

The Paper and Packaging Services (PPS) division of Greif provides uncoated recycled board (URB), coated recycled board (CRB) and containerboard (CB); corrugated sheets, triple wall boxes, litho-laminated sheets, and paper coatings; tubes and cores and protective angle board; and recycling services.

Where can I find more information about Greif Privacy Center?

More information is available in the Privacy Noticeon the Greif Website ✓ Continue Find out more Privacy center Privacy center, 2 Close 2 cookies www.greif.com ×tarteaucitron !googlemaps=wait!googletagmanager=wait ×hl en

What is rigid industrial packaging&services?

The Rigid Industrial Packaging & Services (RIPS) division of Greif provides steel, fibre, and plastic drums; intermediate bulk containers (IBCs); filling services; and reconditioning. This industrial packaging is used to protect and safely transport your products around the world.

What’s new at Greif packaging?

Greif Packaging News Video Library 10/18/2021 Customer Tickled Pink with Drum 360 10/12/2021 Greif, Inc. Announces a $60 Per Ton Price Increase on All Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB) Grades and a minimum 7% Increase on Tube and Core and Protective Packaging Products