Who is Grant Wilson in DC?

Who is Grant Wilson in DC?

Ravager (DC Comics)

Alter ego Grant Wilson Bill Walsh Wade DeFarge Rose Wilson
Team affiliations (Grant and Walsh) H.I.V.E. Black Lantern Corps
Supporting character of (unknown) Two-Face
Notable aliases (Walsh) The Jackal

Who was the first Ravager DC?

Rose Wilson
Rose Wilson first appeared in 1992, in Deathstroke the Terminator #15, and was created by Marv Wolfman and Art Nichols….

Rose Wilson
Rose Wilson as the Ravager, art by ACO.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Deathstroke #15 (October 1992)

Does Slade Wilson have a son?

In one mission, Slade was gravely injured and had to undergo an operation that enhanced his abilities, making him virtually a superhuman. After this, he married Adeline and had two sons, Grant and Joseph.

Is Grant Wilson in Titans?

Grant Wilson was the first Ravager, the son of Deathstroke….Creators.

First Appearance Appearance of Death
New Teen Titans #1 (November, 1980) New Teen Titans #2 (December, 1980)

Who is Jackal Deathstroke?

History. Bill Walsh served with Slade Wilson in the United States Army. After leaving the military, he became a terrorist known as the Jackal.

Is Ravager a villain?

8 She Is a Key Teen Titans Villain As the daughter of the Teen Titans’ biggest villain, Ravager has of course gone against the team from time to time.

Is Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson related?

DEATHSTROKE’S HALF-BROTHER He had the same word bubbles, an appearance that merged Deadpool with any given Liefeldian X-character, and the name Wade. He was introduced as Slade Wilson’s half-brother, but due to sharing the same mother, he didn’t share the same last name.

How old is Rose Wilson?

Trivia. During Deathstroke (Volume 4) #29, Rose was 18 years old. Her birthday is Valentine’s Day – February 14th.

Who killed Slade Wilson Son?

After Jericho was kidnapped by Jackal and his throat was slit, an outraged Adeline shot Deathstroke (blinding him in one eye) for his lies, his infidelity that resulted in his illegitimate daughter, Rose, and for Jericho’s fate.

Who is Deathstroke’s brother?

Wade LaFarge
Wade LaFarge was the psychotic younger half-brother of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke the Terminator).

What hero is Rose Wilson?

Prime Earth Ravager to Deathstroke. Ravager (real name Rose Wilson) is a fictional character and anti-heroine in the DC Comics universe. She is a member of the Teen Titans and the illegitimate daughter of Deathstroke, and sister to Ravager (Grant Wilson), and Jericho (Joseph Wilson).