Who gets makeovers in Beauty and the Geek?

Who gets makeovers in Beauty and the Geek?

In a twist that no one was expecting, Beauty & The Geek didn’t have just one makeover today, but FOUR. That’s right, George, James, Locky and Alex all got a makeover today, but not Mitchell, because apparently this show hates him.

Is Jess and James still together from Beauty and the Geek?

“They say a picture says a thousand words, so here’s three,” James answered, posting photos of himself and Jessica from as recent as last week. At the very least, these two are definitely still mates. If you want to relive the extremely wholesome season of Beauty and the Geek, head on over to 9Now.

Is Mitch from Beauty and the Geek autistic?

Mitchell told producers he suffers from ADHD and anxiety. Ashleigh’s kind nature helped him open up. 21-year-old Eliza says she’s ‘a bit of a wild child’.

What nationality is Alex from Beauty and the Geek?

South African
A maths tutor, Alexander has a bachelor of science majoring in neuroscience, a diploma of mathematics and statistics, and is now completing his master of teaching. “I’m a South African-born Polish chap, with a huge passion for maths, gaming and food,” the 26-year-old said.

What nationality is Alex in Beauty and the Geek?

The images came to light after the South African mathematician was given a dramatic makeover during Sunday night’s episode of BATG.

Is Bryanna and Kiran still together?

Kiran and Bryanna “I can’t say, sorry,” Bryanna told TV WEEK. The drama ramped up when a source spilled to the So Dramatic! podcast that beauty Bryanna was more invested in the relationship than Kiran. “Kiran dumped her not long after filming ended, Bryanna was left heartbroken,” the source explained.

Is anyone from Beauty and the Geek still together?

As a result there were plenty of fans who hoped the couple might be able to overcome long distance (with George in Melbourne and Josie in Sydney). However George and Josie have shared updates about their relationship status, revealing they are no longer together.

What nationality is aria from Beauty and the Geek?

A performer at heart and inspired by her Persian heritage, Aira loves belly dancing and when she isn’t busy with her daily makeup and skin care routine, she can always be found blasting Beyonce in her room and dancing in the mirror.