Who founded Visioneer?

Who founded Visioneer?

Pierre-Alain Cotte
Visioneer is a developer of a way to capture documents and photographs and integrate them with popular Microsoft Windows and document imaging applications.” Founded in March 1992 by Pierre-Alain Cotte, Visioneer introduced a sheetfed scanner called the PaperMax.

What does Visioneer do?

Visioneer provides the most versatile and highest quality scanners to serve today’s healthcare and pharmaceutical needs. Our products will scan different media and fit into your HIPAA and FDA regulatory requirements.

Who makes Visioneer scanners?

About – Xerox Scanners | Visioneer | United States.

Where was Visioneers filmed?

Snoqualmie, Washington
Visioneers is a 2008 satirical science fiction dark comedy directed by Jared Drake, written by Brandon Drake, and starring Zach Galifianakis and actress Judy Greer. The film, which premiered on June 12, 2008, was shot in Snoqualmie, Washington and surrounding areas.

Who is a Visioneer?

a person given to having or seeing visions. 2. a person given to having foresight.

What is Visioneer capture se?

Capture SE Flexible, powerful batch scanning solution that can split scans into separate files, create indexes, read barcodes and extract data. Acuity Enables you to improve the visual clarity of scans.

What is visioneers movie?

George works for a large and profitable corporation, but when people around him are exploding due to stress he decided to make some changes in his life.Visioneers / Film synopsis

What do you call a person who thinks about the future?

noun. The definition of visionary is someone or something that thinks about the future or advancements in a creative and imaginative way. A person who is ahead of his time and who has a powerful plan for change in the future is an example of a visionary. adjective.

What is a visionnaire?

noun One who sees visions; a visionary.

What is Visioneer organizer AI?

Visioneer’s Organizer AI software delivers a new level of automated access and information depth to your personal files. An intelligent Classification engine learns and categorizes common-looking files, and you can Tag files with common purposes.

What is Visioneer Acuity assets v1?

Automatic Intelligent Image Correction Visioneer’s Acuity image enhancement software automatically improves the visual clarity of every scan. Our advanced algorithms and dynamic thresholding technologies intelligently optimize every scan to capture the sharpest images of your documents.