Who are the owners of LUKOIL?

Who are the owners of LUKOIL?


Lukoil’s headquarters in Moscow
Founder Vagit Alekperov
Headquarters Moscow , Russia
Number of locations 5,867 (2014)
Area served Europe, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, United States, Mexico

Is LUKOIL privately owned?

Lukoil was founded in 1991 as a state-owned enterprise as the Soviet Union was falling apart. The company went private in 1993, and seven years later it acquired Getty Oil, an American company, which gave Lukoil a network of U.S. filling stations.

Is LUKOIL a public company?

LUKOIL is one of the largest publicly traded, vertically integrated oil and gas companies in the world accounting around 2% of the world’s oil production and around 1% of the proved hydrocarbon reserves.

Who is the owner of British Petroleum?

Effective January 1, 1955, British Petroleum became a holding company. Beginning in 1977, the British government reduced its ownership of British Petroleum by selling shares to the public, and in the late 1980s the government turned over British Petroleum entirely to private ownership by selling its remaining shares.

What oil companies are Russian owned?

12 As such, Russia is home to some of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas companies….Transneft is one of the world’s largest oil trunk pipeline companies, transporting about 82% of Russia’s oil through more than 67,000 kilometers of pipeline.

  1. Rosneft. Sales: $70.8 billion.
  2. Surgutneftegas.
  3. Gazprom.
  4. LukOil.
  5. Transneft.

Who owns oil in Russia?

After acquiring OJSC TNK-BP in 2013, then one of the largest oil companies of Russia, Rosneft became the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum company….Rosneft.

Rosneft Headquarters, Sofiyskaya Embankment, Moscow, September 2005
Total assets $228 billion (2021)
Total equity $90 billion (2021)