Who are the actors in Borgia?

Who are the actors in Borgia?

Borgia (TV Series 2011–2014) – IMDb Borgia: Created by Tom Fontana. With Mark Ryder, Isolda Dychauk, Diarmuid Noyes, John Doman.

How old is John Doman from the wire?

About John Doman Born in January 9, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. John Doman (born January 9, 1945) is an American actor best known for playing Deputy Police Commissioner William Rawls on HBO series The Wire from 2002 to 2008 and Colonel Edward Galson on Oz in 2001.

How many episodes are there in the Italian Netflix series Borgia?

Lucrezia Borgiaas Lucrezia Borgia 38 episodes38 eps• 2011–2014 Diarmuid Noyes Alessandro Farneseas Alessandro Farnese 37 episodes37 eps• 2011–2014 John Doman Rodrigo Borgiaas Rodrigo Borgia 36 episodes36 eps• 2011–2014 Marta Gastini Giulia Farneseas Giulia Farnese 36 episodes36 eps• 2011–2014 Assumpta Serna Vannozza Cataneias Vannozza Catanei

Who is the creator of Borgia?

“Borgia” was created by Tom Fontana, whose other writer/producer credits include “Oz,” “Homicide” and “Copper.” This show is… Leaning on each other through thick and thin, a trio of best friends stand together as they experience life, love and loss on the brink of turning 40.

How many seasons of Borgia are there?

3 seasons321See all 3 years201420132011See all Videos4 Trailer 4:50 Borgia: The Complete Season One Trailer 1:39 Borgia: Season 2 (German Blu-Ray/DVD Trailer) Trailer 0:24 Borgia: Season 1 (German Blu-Ray/DVD Trailer) Trailer 1:54

Who was Rodrigo Borgia?

He was a man whose name would become synonymous with ruthlessness, and whose reign as Pope would be remembered as the most infamous chapter of the history of the Catholic church, Rodrigo Borgia.

Where is Els Borja filmed?

July 10, 2011 (Italy) Countries of origin France Germany Italy Czech Republic Language English Also known as Els Borja Filming locations Barrandov Studios, Prague, Czech Republic