Who are Iceberg?

Who are Iceberg?

This Spanish band ICEBERG came (like Manuel from Fawlty Towers) from Barcelona and consisted of: Max Sune (guitar), Josep Mas Kitflus (keyboards), Primi Sancho (bass) and Jordi Colomer (drums), Angel Riba (voice) could only be heard on the first record.

Is iceberg a good prog-rock band?

Conclusion: in a land so complicated for prog-rock like Spain, Iceberg managed to release a very solid 70’s prog album which works almost like a single track. Coherent, well written and with very solid instrumental skills by the whole band.

What are some of the best progressive bands from Spain?

ICEBERG from the middle of the 70’s were easily one of *the* best Progressive bands to come from Spain.

What are the top 13 Spanish bands to listen to?

13 Spanish Bands You Must Listen To 1 Nudozurdo. These Madrid alt-rockers add a little drop of darkness to every track. 2 Fuel Fandango. 3 Pony Bravo. 4 Hinds. 5 Triángulo de Amor Bizarro. 6 El Guincho. 7 Los Planetas. 8 John Grvy. 9 The New Raemon. 10 Da Souza.