Which Time Team members have died?

Which Time Team members have died?

Archaeologist and broadcaster Mick Aston, who found fame with TV programme Time Team, has died aged 66. Close friend and former colleague Phil Harding, who also worked on the popular Channel 4 series, said he had received the news from Professor Aston’s son James.

Why did carenza Lewis leave Time Team?

In 2005, Carenza Lewis left to pursue other interests. She was replaced by Helen Geake, Anglo-Saxon specialist. The regular team also included: Stewart Ainsworth, landscape investigator; John Gater and Chris Gaffney, archaeological geophysicists; Henry Chapman, surveyor; and Victor Ambrus, illustrator.

Is Phil from Time Team still alive?

Philip Harding DL FSA (born 25 January 1950) is a British field archaeologist. He became a familiar face on the Channel 4 television series Time Team….Phil Harding (archaeologist)

Phil Harding
Born Philip Harding 25 January 1950 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Occupation Archaeologist
Years active 1971–present
Known for Time Team

What happened to the Time Team crew?

In mid October 2012 an all-points bulletin was emailed to Time Team staff. It announced that after 20 seasons and over 230 episodes the programme was being axed by Channel 4. A few days later news of Time Team’s demise broke in the Guardian.

What happened to Mick the Dig Worthington?

Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Mick Worthington’s role on the series came to an end after he refused to show Tony Robinson some data he’s received over dendrochronology (and did so in quite a rude way). It was the first and last time a contributor had done so on the show.

Is Tony Robinson returning to Time Team?

Show creator Tim Taylor has since confirmed they will begin work on two new YouTube episodes, with two more in the pipeline, last month. Speaking to Express.co.uk, Tony said he won’t be returning due to other work commitments.