Which route is better for Goa from Mumbai?

Which route is better for Goa from Mumbai?

The most suggested route for Mumbai to Goa bike trip or road trip is via NH 66. This route takes about 14 hours by car considering there is no traffic on the road and you make no stops. In case you are planning detours, then time taken to reach Goa from Mumbai will increase.

How is the road journey from Mumbai to Goa?

Most of the Mumbai to Goa road route via NH48 is a straight four-lane road with great stopovers along the way. Great for a family trip, you should, of course, be ready for a number of toll booths on the way. The road is so straight and smooth to travel that it is also well-suited for a night drive from Mumbai to Goa.

Is it safe to travel from Goa to Mumbai by road?

Safety Measures The roads from Mumbai to Goa for most of the year are pretty safe. However, you would want to avoid driving in the monsoon because of landslides you’ll come across on the way. Get enough rest before the journey, you would also want to make a few stops along the way as the journey is quite a long one.

How are Goa roads?

Goa is very much drivable and the roads are excellent (for the most part at least). Not to forget the grand amount of diverse attractions in landscape and in culture over here. So whether you’re a regular Goan commuter or simply a traveller looking for a great time, here are 5 unwritten rules for driving in Goa.

Which route is best for Goa?

NH 66 – via Panvel, Kolad and Chiplun The drive from Mumbai to Goa on this route offers thrill and excitement at its best. There are narrow, steep roads at high altitudes, providing incredible opportunities to explore the places between Mumbai to Goa by road.

How much is the toll from Mumbai to Goa?

Mumbai to Goa
Toll Airoli Rs 30/- 5.30am 27 kms
Khalapur Toll plaza Rs 165/- for Pune and , Rs 99/- for Penn connector exit 88 kms
Toll Vadaval Rs15/- 7am 95 kms
Breakfast break at Hotel Kamat Govinda. 8.30am 116 kms

Is it allowed to travel to Goa now?

The Goa administration on Wednesday announced new restrictions to check the spread of the deadly coronavirus infection. Only those who are fully vaccinated or those with a Covid negative certificate can enter the state.

Can you drive in Goa without license?

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for every individual to hold a valid driving license to be able to freely drive a motor vehicle in the state. No person in Goa is liable to drive a two-wheeler, car or even a truck without holding a driving license.

Can we drink in car in Goa?

yes they do! Do not mix drink and driving. Or be prepared for checkup and penalty. You might be ended up in lockup as per new traffic rules.

Which is the best route from Mumbai to Goa by NH66?

This road trip via NH 66 – Ratnagiri Konkan Route is only preferred by adventure enthusiasts, because the roads get narrower and crowded. This route is very beautiful; if you’re looking for adventure then opt for NH66 route from Mumbai to Goa.

What is the Mumbai to Goa road trip distance?

The Mumbai to Goa road trip distance is not more than 600 km but it can be a very interesting trip if you have some good stash of food and good music. It is said that back in the 70s some of the famous Bollywood movies were made based on this road trip. For Mumbaikars, Goa has always been the place to unwind, party and relax.

How long does it take to reach Goa?

People can reach Goa within a day. If you prefer a slower trip, you can visit the nearby destinations as well. There are two major routes for this road trip: NH4 (Pune – Kolhpur route), which is the more preferred one and NH 66 (NH 17) – Ratnagiri Konkan Route ( crowded and little risky).

How do I reach Goa from Belgaum?

You can take a break at Belgaum. The tourist attractions here are Belgaum fort and the Bhimgad Wildlife sanctuary. The journey from Belgaum to Goa takes around three hours. Route: Drive through Mumbai then Panvel through Pen covering Kolad and then going through Pali and Sawantwadi and reaching Goa.