Which part of Enugu is ezeagu?

Which part of Enugu is ezeagu?

Ezeagu local government area is found in Enugu state, Southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria and has its headquarters in the town of Aguobu-owa. Ezeagu LGA shares borders with the Udi, Uzo uwani, Oji river, and Awka North LGAs.

Which local government is ezeagu?

Ezeagu is a Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is in the town of Aguobu-Owa.

How many local government are there in ezeagu?

Ezeagu Local Government Area being one of the existing seventeen local government areas in the state is located in the town of Aguobuowa and the communities that make up the council are Aguobuowa, Olo, Iwollo-Oghe, Umana Ndiagu Aguobu-Umu and more.

Which local government is the largest in Enugu State?


Name Status Population Census 2006-03-21
Enugu North Local Government Area 242,140
Enugu South Local Government Area 198,032
Ezeagu Local Government Area 170,603
Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area 208,333

When was ezeagu local government created?

The move, which traced back to 1952 when Ezeagu earned the status of Native Administration with headquarters at Aguobu-Owa, eventually materialized in 1974 during the administration of his Excellency, Chief Hon. Ukpabi Asika, the East Central State Administration. Ezeagu became a full division in 1975 with Hon.

How many local government is in Enugu State?

17 Local Government Areas
Enugu State consists of 17 Local Government Areas.

When was ezeagu created?

Which local government is GRA Enugu?

Enugu North Local Government Area GRA Enugu state, Nigeria – finelib.com.

What is ezeagu known for?

Ezeagu (EZE meaning KING and AGU meaning FARM or LION) literally meaning the King of Lions was earned by OWAH following his achievement in farm work and hunting. Ezeagu married two wives, MGBO-OLIE ( the first wife) and UDEAGU ( the second wife).

What is the history of ezeagu?

How many local government area does Enugu State have?

Enugu State consists of 17 Local Government Areas. They are: Aninri. Awgu.