Which is best book for preparing AFCAT?

Which is best book for preparing AFCAT?

Best books for AFCAT

Book Author
AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) Arihant Experts
AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) Self Study Guide cum-Practice Work Book Kiran Prakashan
AFCAT Solved Papers and Practice Sets Arihant Experts
SSB Interview: The Complete Guide N K Natarajan

Is Lucent GK good for AFCAT?

Is Lucent GK sufficient for the AFCAT? Yes, Lucent’s GK book helps prepare for the AFCAT.

Is Arihant book is enough for AFCAT?

Like in every other field of competitive exams Arihant excels in this field as well. This book is a complete package to cater the need for all the things required for AFCAT. GK, Math, English, Reasoning etc.

Which book is best for AFCAT previous year paper?

AFCAT Reference Books- AFCAT Centered Books

  • AFCAT- For flying, technical, and ground duty branch –Arihant Experts.
  • AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test): for flying and technical branch (Popular Master Guide) – R.Gupta.
  • Let’s Crack AFCAT –Air Force Common Admission Test by SSBCrack.

Is RS Aggarwal good for AFCAT?

AFCAT : As question paper level is on easier side, R S Agarwal will be enough for aptitude. For English,as grammar questions are not asked, emphasize should be given on vocabulary. For that, read Word power made easy by Norman Lewis.

Is Ncert books enough for AFCAT?

With proper guidance and strategy, it is easier to crack the AFCAT 2022 exam in one month. To start preparing for the exam, candidates should first clear the basic concepts from the NCERT Books of Class-11 and 12. Then, they must go through the previous years’ papers and the model question of the AFCAT written test.

Do AFCAT questions repeat?

Make sure you read only those Antonyms and Synonyms which were asked in the previous year exams. There is always a possibility that they are repeated.

Is Ncert enough for AFCAT exam?

How can I prepare for AFCAT at home?

How To Prepare For AFCAT In 30 Days?

  1. Start reading the newspaper daily to check out the current affairs.
  2. Start practicing sectional questions as per the prescribed syllabus.
  3. Start preparing notes for important concepts & revise them regularly.
  4. Solve as many questions as you can from the reasoning section.

How can I prepare for AFCAT in 2 months?

Ideal Schedule to Prepare for AFCAT in 30 Days: Day 1 – Day 30: Daily 1 hr GK, 1 hr Current Affairs, 1 hr newspaper. Day 1 – Day 10: Study Math deeply for 5 hours daily, making notes for all the formulae and practicing a lot. Day 11 – Day 15: Study reasoning and aptitude deeply for 5 hours daily. Practice variety.

Is Ncert enough for Afcat exam?

Is AFCAT interview tough?

Since AFCAT AFSB interview is a bit tough, you will need to prepare well for the interview round. You will have to focus on improving your reasoning skills and leadership qualities in order to crack AFCAT AFSB. This article will help you with the right preparation strategy that can help you crack AFCAT AFSB Interview.