Which degree do Mukesh Ambani have?

Which degree do Mukesh Ambani have?

chemical engineering
Ambani earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Bombay (now the University of Mumbai) and subsequently pursued a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University.

How can I contact Mukesh Ambani for help?

How might I contact Mukesh Ambani straightforwardly?

  1. Mukesh Ambani Office Address: Reliance Industries Limited Maker Chambers – IV Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021, India.
  2. Telephone Number: +91-22-2278 5000.
  3. Mukesh Ambani Office Fax Number: N/A.
  4. Mukesh Ambani Office Email ID: [email protected].

Did Mukesh Ambani do MBA?

He then received a BE degree in chemical engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology. Ambani later enrolled for an MBA at Stanford University, but withdrew in 1980 to help his father build Reliance, which at the time was still a small but fast-growing enterprise.

What are the 7 companies of Mukesh Ambani?

Jio Platforms.

  • Reliance Retail.
  • Reliance Petroleum.
  • Jio Payments Bank.
  • Network18 Group.
  • Mumbai Indians.
  • Alok Industries.
  • Reliance Foundation.
  • Is Ambani a Sindhis?

    Ambani and Adani are Gujarati, not Sindhi names. And non-‘ani’ Sindhis include two famous ones — J.B. Mangharam of biscuits fame and the Hindujas.

    Who is CEO of Jio?


    Jio’s headquarters in RCP, Navi Mumbai
    Key people Mukesh Ambani (Chairman) Sandip Das (Managing Director)
    Products Fixed line telephone Mobile phones Wireless broadband Internet services OTT Services
    Revenue ₹90,287 crore (US$12 billion) (FY 2020–21)
    Operating income ₹34,035 crore (US$4.5 billion) (FY 2020–21)

    Who is Reliance CEO?

    Mukesh Ambani (Jul 31, 2002–)Reliance Industries Limited / CEO

    Is MBA a waste of time?

    If you have a bachelor’s degree in a business discipline, then an MBA is a waste of time. You’re going to repeat a bunch of stuff you took in undergrad, except you’ll be paying graduate level fees. If you have a degree in some other discipline, an MBA can be invaluable if you want to open a business.

    Who is the richest Sindhi in India?

    Niranjan Hiranandani – TSW Sindhi Businessman: 100 Richest Indians: Indian Entrepreneur.