Where was Saone located?

Where was Saone located?

• location Lyon, France
• coordinates 45°43′39″N 4°49′4″ECoordinates: 45°43′39″N 4°49′4″E
• elevation 158 m (518 ft)
Length 473 km (294 mi)

Where does the Saone River start and end?

RhôneSaône / MouthThe Rhône is a major river in France and Switzerland, arising in the Alps and flowing west and south through Lake Geneva and southeastern France before discharging into the Mediterranean Sea. At Arles, near its mouth, the river divides into the Great Rhône and the Little Rhône. Wikipedia

Where is the river Saone?

eastern France
Saône River, river that rises near Vioménil, southwest of Épinal, in the Vosges département, Lorraine région, eastern France. It flows southward to join the Rhône River at Lyon after a course of about 300 miles (480 km).

How long is the Saone River?

294 miSaône / Length

How wide is the Saone River?

From Seurre south, the River Saône sometimes reaches a width of as much as 650 feet. Some say that Verdun-sur-le-Doubs has the finest waterfront quay of any Saône town.

How deep is the Rhone River?

three feet
The river next widens, the terrain becoming less hilly, and at Le Parc (some 95 miles [150 km] above Lyon) becomes officially navigable, although the average depth is no more than three feet.

Is Lyon bigger than Marseille?

If counted with the metropolitan area, the population of Lyon is by far greater than that of Marseille (see the table at the end of this article).

Where is the Lyon River located?

It is located at the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Saône, about 470 km (292 mi) southeast of Paris, 320 km (199 mi) north of Marseille and 58 km (36 mi) northeast of Saint-Étienne….

• Rank 3rd in France
• Density 11,000/km2 (28,000/sq mi)
• Urban (2017) 1,659,001
• Urban density 1,400/km2 (3,700/sq mi)

What river is Lyon near?

Geographically, Lyon’s two main rivers, the Saône and the Rhône, divide the arrondissements into three groups: To the west of the Saône, the fifth arrondissement covers the old city of Vieux Lyon, Fourvière hill and the plateau beyond.

How wide is the Saône River?

What is the mouth of the Rhône river?

Mediterranean SeaRhône / Mouth