Where is Lake-town in The Hobbit?

Where is Lake-town in The Hobbit?

Esgaroth, or Lake-town, is a fictional community of Men upon the Long Lake that appears in the 1937 novel The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. Constructed entirely of wood and standing upon wooden pillars sunk into the lake-bed, the town is south of the Lonely Mountain and east of Mirkwood.

What happened at Lake-town in The Hobbit?

The town is destroyed by Smaug, who attacks it as revenge for helping Bilbo and the Dwarves. The remaining Dwarves escape on a barge with Tauriel’s help. Bard (with Bain’s help) kills Smaug with a windlass. His falling corpse kills the Master and all on his barge.

Where is Lake-town LOTR?

Lake-town, or Esgaroth (known fully as “Esgaroth upon the Long Lake”), was a small settlement of Men in the northwestern part of the Long Lake in Rhovanion. The town was constructed entirely of wood and stands upon wooden pillars sunk into the bed of the Long Lake, south of the Lonely Mountain and east of Mirkwood.

Why does Smaug burn Lake-town?

The Destruction of Lake-town took place when Smaug burst from the Lonely Mountain and flew over to Esgaroth to destroy the town and its people, in retaliation for the aid they gave to Thorin and Company on their quest to take back the treasure-hoard of Thrór.

How big is Lake-town in The Hobbit?

Lake Town was situated near the mouth of the Forest River, which fed into the Long Lake in the northern half. Bilbo could not see the northern shore which must have been more than 26 miles away. So maybe the lake was approximately 60 miles long and 25 miles wide, give or take.

Is Lake-town based on Venice?

The description of Lake-town in The Hobbit probably resembles medieval Venice more than some prehistoric village, however.

Who killed Smaug in The Hobbit?

Bard the Bowman
Bard the Bowman is a character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. A Man of Laketown and a descendant of the ancient Lords of Dale, Bard manages to kill Smaug, the dragon, after which he becomes king of Dale.

What was Bilbo’s unusual birth?

Unusual Birth/Early Childhood Bilbo had quite the unsuaul childhood, being born a hobbit. He lived in a hobbit hole with one part of his family being quite respectable people, and the other quite adventurous people. The call to adventure Gandalf puts a mark on Bilbo’s door that states he is a burglar.

Where does Smaug live in The Hobbit?

the Lonely Mountain
Smaug is a dragon whose evil, like Gollum’s, is indicated by his isolation. He lives alone in the Lonely Mountain, his only purpose to guard the treasure he stole from the dwarves during the reign of Thorin’s grandfather.

What does Bilbo do with the Arkenstone?

They are suspicious of him, of course, but they relax when Bilbo reveals his secret weapon: the Arkenstone. He gives it freely to Bard to be used as a bargaining chip against Thorin.

What Thorin gives Bilbo?

mithril chain mail
Thorin’s Gift to Bilbo Thorin finally gives Bilbo the first installment of his reward for the adventure. He tosses the hobbit a coat of mithril chain mail, the strongest metal in the world. He also gives Bilbo a helmet of the same metal.

What is Lake-town in The Hobbit?

Lake-town, also known as Esgaroth upon the Long Lake, was the township of the Lake-men in Wilderland . The town was constructed entirely of wood and stood upon wooden pillars sunk into the bed of the Long Lake, as a protection against the dragon Smaug, who dwelt nearby in the Lonely Mountain .

How did Lake-town get its name?

It is not known when Lake-town was built. The name Esgaroth is mentioned on Thrór’s Map, and is said to be an older name, known while Smaug was younger. When Bilbo Baggins came to the town, he noticed old pilings of a (possibly older) greater town along the shores when the waters sank in a drought.

What was Lake-town like?

In the middle of Lake-town the central market-place was located, which was a round pool connected to the lake by a tunnel. The greatest houses of Lake-town were around this market-place, from which ramps descended to the water. The edge of the town was occupied with quays and, again, ramps, which descended to the water.

How did Smaug destroy Lake-town?

John Howe – Smaug Destroys Lake-town. Some days later however, the town was attacked by Smaug, but Bard the Bowman, who had indirectly learned of a weakness in Smaug’s armour, slew the dragon with the Black Arrow. The town was wrecked by the dragon who fell dead on it and sunk in the lake.