Where is Atlin Yukon?

Where is Atlin Yukon?

Atlin is a small isolated community in the NW corner of British Columbia, on the traditional lands of the Taku River Tlingits. Glacial-fed Atlin Lake is 4 miles wide and 85 miles long, in a wide wilderness valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Atlin is a 2 or 3 hour drive from Whitehorse Yukon or Skagway Alaska.

Where is Atlin Lake located?

British Columbia
The community of Atlin, British Columbia, is located on the eastern shore of the lake. The southern part of the lake is in the Atlin Provincial Park and Recreation Area….

Atlin Lake
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 791 km2 (305 sq mi)
Max. depth 289 m (948 ft)
Surface elevation 669 m (2,195 ft)

Is there cell service in Atlin?

There is internet provided by the local ISP Atlin Community Network and Xplornet but no cell phone service in Atlin.

What is there to do in Atlin in the winter?

Winter Activities: Winter enthusiasts love Atlin for the cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, curling and ice fishing experiences. Picnic beside Pine Creek Falls, splash around with the kids in the natural warm springs, hike a mountain trail, canoe an isolated lake, or camp on the water’s edge.

Is the road to Atlin paved?

The 100 km / 62 mi from Jake’s Corner is paved all the way to Atlin. Note: In 2019 there was no cell service in this area.

What kind of fish are in Atlin Lake?

Little Atlin Lake supports populations of Arctic grayling, lake trout, northern pike, and lake whitefish. The northern pike fishery is one of the largest in Yukon. More people target northern pike at Little Atlin than any other lake in Yukon.

How wide is Williston Lake?

155 km

Williston Lake
Max. length 251 km (156 mi)
Max. width 155 km (96 mi)
Surface area 1,761 km2 (680 sq mi)
Average depth 42 m (138 ft)

Is there cell service in Gold River?

Vancouver, B.C. – TELUS has invested $2 million to build two new cell sites in Gold River and Tahsis, bringing vital wireless voice and Internet services to these west coast Vancouver Island communities for the first time.

Is the road to Atlin BC paved?

By 2000, the B.C. section had been improved and partially paved, but there were complaints about the Yukon section. By 2007, reconstruction had started on the Yukon section once again. The road has once again been widened and surfaced with a bitumen surface treatment.

What kind of fish are in Williston Lake?

Rainbow trout
Northern pikeDolly Varden troutLake troutSockeye salmon
Williston Lake/Fish

Is Williston Lake frozen?

Winter use of Williston Reservoir Williston Reservoir begins to freeze over during November and continues until mid-January when total freeze-up usually occurs. Snowmobiling and other winter activities are common on Williston Reservoir.

Does Tahsis have Internet?

Tahsis is equipped with high-speed Internet access and receives service from Telus, BC Hydro, and Conuma Cable.