Where can I find pyromaniac in Tomb Raider?

Where can I find pyromaniac in Tomb Raider?


  1. Pyromaniac 1 is in the temple room with a GPS unit near the base camp.
  2. Pyromaniac 2 is above base camp; you can shoot it from ground.
  3. Pyromaniac 3 is in the “back alley” route before Lara enters the temple.
  4. Pyromaniac 4 is in the temple interior, at the lantern shooting tutorial.

How do you beat pyromaniac in Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider Pyromaniac Challenge objective: Shoot five Lanterns in the Mountain Temple.

  1. Use the ladders to climb on a wooden scrabble wall.
  2. The second Pyromaniac Lantern is above the base camp, hanging from the roof edge of the Temple.
  3. Go up the stairs from the base camp, and defeat two enemies on your way.

How do I get to the mountain temple in Tomb Raider?

TEMPLE ENTRANCE: You enter the MOUNTAIN TEMPLE at the north end of Paititi. (screenshot) Move deeper inside, jump over to the climbable wall, and rappel down past a couple of cult guards whose backs are turned. (screenshots) Drop into the anteroom below and gather a few resources.

Where is the treasure map in base exterior?

The Base Exterior Treasure Map is on the center “dais” (for lack of a better term), There is that is reachable only by zip-line from the area’s local base camp. While you are here, You are gonna want to clear out the shield soldier from the fortress, and then pacify the interior.

How do you get the treasure map in Mountain Village Tomb Raider?

You will need climbing equipment that you get from Roth as part of the main storyline. Follow the trail until you reach the Tomb. Use our Tomb of the Unworthy Guide to reach the treasure. Raiding this optional Tomb will also unlock the Treasure Map for Mountain Village.

What are GPS caches for in Tomb Raider?

GPS Caches are special collectibles in Tomb Raider. Most Levels contain multiple caches. After collecting all GPS caches, you will hear a tune and Lara will find a note inside the last GPS cache. Once the Note has been found, Lara will receive 1.000 Salvage and a Concept Art will unlock.

How do you open the gate in the mountain temple in Tomb Raider?

Open the Great Gate Unuratu signalizes to Lara that she shouldn’t bother about her, but continue to search for the Silver Box. Using the Silver Snake Key opens the door and will let us continue our little adventure.

How do you get the map in geothermal Caverns?

The Geothermal Caverns Treasure Map is near the base camp; look for a wooden mineshaft support structure near the methane fumarole and climb on top using the sides of the structure. While your there, You should see Lara reach the top, and be on the path to the map.