Where are the Australian detention Centres located?

Where are the Australian detention Centres located?

Asylum seekers detected in boats in Australian waters have been detained in facilities on the offshore islands of Nauru and Manus Island, previously under the now defunct Pacific Solution and (since 2013 and as of March 2019) under Operation Sovereign Borders.

What happened at the Don Dale detention Centre?

The current Don Dale centre is an old condemned adult prison, which the children were moved to in 2015 after some damaged and broke out of the original facility. June Mills challenged any member of the government to try putting one of their children into a Don Dale cell for one day.

Is Don Dale still in operation?

The 2017 Northern Territory royal commission into the protection and detention of children recommended that Don Dale be permanently closed. That did not happen and more children are incarcerated in the Darwin facility than there have ever been.

How many Australian detention Centres are there?

List of Australian immigration detention facilities

Australian government immigration detention centres in Australia and offshore
Facility Status Capacity nominal; [surge]
Manus Regional Processing Centre Closed 1100
East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre Operational 213 or possibly 280
West Lorengau Haus Operational 111

How many refugees are in Australian detention centers 2021?

As of 30 November 2021, there were 1511 people in detention facilities. This included 1510 men and 60 women.

Does Australia still have offshore detention Centres?

Since 13 August 2012, Australia has resumed sending people who came by boat to Australia seeking asylum to Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea under a policy of offshore processing.

How long do refugees stay in detention Centres in Australia 2021?

Average days in closed detention, over time It shows that as of 31 January 2021, over 120 people were in detention for five years or more, with several having spent more than ten years in detention. This graph shows the length of detention for people who are stateless.

How long do refugees stay in detention Centres?

What are the living conditions in detention Centres?

Inhumane living conditions include doorless toilets, no seating other than metal stools (so nowhere comfortable to sit ever), having to eat always under the eyes of guards who stand around the dining room, and receiving medical attention only if they consent to the indignity of being handcuffed.

What is the disaster in Don Dale?

On 21 August 2014, four young Aboriginal boys detained at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in the Northern Territory were intentionally and deliberately tear gassed by a prison officer while the prison officer was trying to incapacitate a fifth young person.

What happened Dylan Voller?

Voller gave limited evidence at the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory in December 2016. He was released from prison in February 2017 and has been advocating for improved conditions for youth in detention.

Where are Darwin’s Aboriginal children in detention?

Don Dale youth detention centre in Darwin, where 11 children are currently being held. Photograph: Jonny Weeks/The Guardian Almost three years on from the royal commission into Don Dale, every single child in detention in the Northern Territory is Aboriginal, the NT social policy scrutiny committee has been told.

Where are the youth detention centres in the Northern Territory?

Territory Families, Housing and Communities operates two youth detention centres: Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin and the Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre in Alice Springs. Young people are sentenced to youth detention by the Courts. On average there are about 25 young people in youth detention across the Northern Territory each day.

How many beds does Darwin Correctional Centre have?

The Darwin Correctional Centre replaced the Berrimah Correctional Centre as the main facility for adult prisoners in the Top End. It has 1048 beds for both male and female of all security ratings. The facility has been designed to give prisoners the best chance of rehabilitation and reintegration through education and employment programs.

Why are the Darwin Detention Centre’s refugees stuck in legal limbo?

An Iranian family who are now the only refugees held in the Darwin detention centre are trapped in legal limbo, as their lawyers argue there is no basis for their continued detention after eight years in Australia’s offshore system.