Where are Bob Marshall saddles made?

Where are Bob Marshall saddles made?

We believe that every rider should enjoy the comfort that Bob Marshall Saddles offer and they are made right here in the USA! We had the pleasure of visiting Bob at the Saddlery in Kentucky a few years ago and were able to see exactly how the saddles are made.

Are Bob Marshall saddles treeless?

Get ready to experience a whole new world with Bob Marshall’s Sports Saddle. This treeless saddle offers close contact, security, and comfort for both horse and rider. With models for barrel racers, ropers, trail riders, and everything in-between, you’re sure to be impressed!

How much do Bob Marshall saddles weigh?

approx. 15 lbs.
BASIC TRAIL RIDER ROUND SKIRT 1775.00 Basic trail saddles weigh approx. 15 lbs.

Which is the best treeless saddle?

5 Best Treeless Saddles Reviews: Find The Perfect One

  • #1) Cashel G2 Soft Saddle.
  • #2) Cwell Equine Synthetic All Purpose Treeless Saddle.
  • #3) Manaal Enterprises Synthetic Treeless English Horse Saddles.
  • #4) Tough 1 Treeless Endurance Saddle.
  • #5) HILASON Classic Treeless Western Trail Barrel Saddle.

Is a treeless saddle better?

Without tree points putting pressure on the horse’s shoulders as they move, many horse owners find that their horses’ strides are longer and freer, allowing better quality of movement in performance horses. A treeless saddle may flex and move with a horse’s motion.

How do you measure a Bob Marshall treeless saddle?

The proper way to measure the seat size of a Bob Marshall Sports Saddle is to: – Measure between the cantle and the pommel at the nearest points and add 6 inches, and, – Notice the tape is over top of the trim roll which is the correct way to do it.

Are treeless saddles better for the horse?

Treeless saddles can be bad for some horses because they don’t distribute a rider’s weight evenly which can cause spine injuries, muscle soreness, and saddle sores, especially when riding over long distances. However, they do allow a horse to move more naturally.

Are treeless saddles any good?

Will a treeless saddle fit any horse?

Just because a saddle is treeless does not mean that it will fit any horse you put it on. Not all treeless saddles fit all horses (or riders), and when purchasing one, it is just as important to “try before you buy” as with a traditional Western or English saddle.

How do I choose a treeless saddle?

The best treeless saddles are made from durable material, either sturdy leather or high-quality synthetic. It should be flexible and easy to adjust; a perfect fit makes all the difference. Most importantly, a good treeless saddle should be comfortable for both you and your horse.